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Abdelmoity, AhmedPerson Why?
Proto-oncogene transcription factors and epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
CLPB variants associated with autosomal-recessive mitochondrial disorder with cataract, neutropenia, epilepsy, and methylglutaconic aciduria.Academic Article Why?
Initiating the ketogenic diet in infants with treatment refractory epilepsy while maintaining a breast milk diet.Academic Article Why?
Pretreatment EEG in childhood absence epilepsy: associations with attention and treatment outcome.Academic Article Why?
Migraine with AuraConcept Why?
Migraine without AuraConcept Why?
Le Pichon, Jean-BaptistePerson Why?
Epilepsies, MyoclonicConcept Why?
Epilepsies, PartialConcept Why?
Myoclonic Epilepsies, ProgressiveConcept Why?
Reaching out for Epilepsy in Adolescents and Children through Telemedicine (REACT)Grant Why?
Ketogenic Diet Decreases Emergency Room Visits and Hospitalizations Related to Epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
The role of epilepsy surgery in the treatment of childhood epileptic encephalopathy.Academic Article Why?
The Case of a Twitchy Tongue: An Uncommon Presentation of a Common Childhood Epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
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