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Attard, ThomasPerson Why?
St Peter, ShawnPerson Why?
Pediatric elective therapeutic procedure complications: A multicenter cohort analysis.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of muscle-sparing thoracotomy and thoracoscopic ligation for the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus.Academic Article Why?
Friesen, CraigPerson Why?
Anti-TNF, infliximab, and adalimumab can be effective in eosinophilic bowel disease.Academic Article Why?
Familial adenomatous polyposis in pediatrics: natural history, emerging surveillance and management protocols, chemopreventive strategies, and areas of ongoing debate.Academic Article Why?
Slowik, VoytekPerson Why?
Schurman, JenniferPerson Why?
The identification and treatment of intestinal malrotation in older children.Academic Article Why?
Management and outcomes of peripancreatic fluid collections and pseudocysts following non-operative management of pancreatic injuries in children.Academic Article Why?
Lee, BrianPerson Why?
Fischer, RyanPerson Why?
Ehsan, ZarminaPerson Why?
Short-term natural history of the standard approaches for gastrostomy tube placement in the pediatric patient.Academic Article Why?
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