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Concept Gene Expression Profiling
Academic Article Robust gene expression and mutation analyses of RNA-sequencing of formalin-fixed diagnostic tumor samples.
Academic Article Multi-omics Data Deconvolution and Integration: New Methods, Insights, and Translational Implications.
Academic Article A Primer on Preprocessing, Visualization, Clustering, and Phenotyping of Barcode-Based Spatial Transcriptomics Data.
Academic Article A harmonized resource of integrated prostate cancer clinical, -omic, and signature features.
Academic Article Soft truncation thresholding for gene set analysis of RNA-seq data: application to a vaccine study.
Academic Article Large-scale evaluation of common variation in regulatory T cell-related genes and ovarian cancer outcome.
Academic Article A targeted genetic association study of epithelial ovarian cancer susceptibility.
Academic Article InterSIM: Simulation tool for multiple integrative 'omic datasets'.
Academic Article Comprehensive Cross-Population Analysis of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Supports No More Than Three Subtypes.
Academic Article Comparison of normalization approaches for gene expression studies completed with high-throughput sequencing.
Academic Article Statistical genomics in rare cancer.
Academic Article Statistical and Bioinformatics Analysis of Data from Bulk and Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Experiments.
Academic Article Common variants at 19p13 are associated with susceptibility to ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Self-contained gene-set analysis of expression data: an evaluation of existing and novel methods.
Academic Article Mycophenolic acid response biomarkers: a cell line model system-based genome-wide screen.
Academic Article Platinum sensitivity-related germline polymorphism discovered via a cell-based approach and analysis of its association with outcome in ovarian cancer patients.
Academic Article Gene set analysis of survival following ovarian cancer implicates macrolide binding and intracellular signaling genes.
Academic Article Identifying the genetic variation of gene expression using gene sets: application of novel gene Set eQTL approach to PharmGKB and KEGG.
Academic Article Epigenetic analysis leads to identification of HNF1B as a subtype-specific susceptibility gene for ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Multiple independent variants at the TERT locus are associated with telomere length and risks of breast and ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Epigenome-wide ovarian cancer analysis identifies a methylation profile differentiating clear-cell histology with epigenetic silencing of the HERG K+ channel.

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