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research overview Dr. Erickson is a nurse researcher and pediatric nurse practitioner from Children's Mercy and is the Director of Remote Health Solutions. Additionally, she practices in the Ward Family Heart Center at Children's Mercy Kansas City. Her research began with a focus on mobile health and improving outcomes for pediatric cardiac infants with single ventricle heart disease. Infants with single ventricle/univentricular heart disease have a high incidence of mortality during the first 6 months at home, this period has associated improved outcomes with the utilization of multi-disciplinary parental home monitoring and remote patient monitoring. Mobile health applications provide a way to improve the gaps at home. Dr. Erickson's ongoing research includes using mHealth applications to evaluate parental adherence, infant development, and outpatient ambulatory nursing care. Remote patient monitoring implementation to improve outcomes is a key research area over the next 5 years.

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