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research overview Dr. Bettenhausen is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Clinical Assistant Professor at The University of Kansas Medical Center. She is a practicing pediatric hospitalist and serves as the Research Director within the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. Dr. Bettenhausen’s research aims to reduce health care disparities and to create a measurable improvement in health outcomes for children exposed to adverse social conditions. She is most interested in the role of partnerships between health care systems and community leaders and the effect of health care policy on improving child health equity. At a national level, she serves within the Executive Committee of the Academic Pediatric Association’s Health Policy Scholars Program and as a mentor within the Academic Pediatric Association’s Research Scholars Program.

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Academic Article Variation in Care and Clinical Outcomes in Children Hospitalized With Orbital Cellulitis.
Academic Article Trends in Volume and Utilization Outcomes in Adolescent Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article Prevalence and Trends in Obesity Among Hospitalized Children.
Academic Article Childhood obesity and in-hospital asthma resource utilization.
Academic Article Association of Income Inequality With Pediatric Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions.
Academic Article Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing in Adolescents: Current Practices in the Hospital Setting.
Academic Article Multiple Behavior Change Intervention to Improve Detection of Unmet Social Needs and Resulting Resource Referrals.
Academic Article Hospitalizations of Low-Income Children and Children With Severe Health Conditions: Implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Association of Social Determinants With Children's Hospitals' Preventable Readmissions Performance.
Academic Article Caregiver Opinion of In-Hospital Screening for Unmet Social Needs by Pediatric Residents.
Academic Article Financial Loss for Inpatient Care of Medicaid-Insured Children.
Academic Article ICD Social Codes: An Underutilized Resource for Tracking Social Needs.
Academic Article Health Care Expenditures and Utilization for Children With Noncomplex Chronic Disease.
Academic Article Hypothetical Network Adequacy Schemes For Children Fail To Ensure Patients' Access To In-Network Children's Hospital.
Academic Article The Inpatient Blindside: Comorbid Mental Health Conditions and Readmissions among Hospitalized Children.
Academic Article The Effect of Lowering Public Insurance Income Limits on Hospitalizations for Low-Income Children.
Academic Article Medicaid Expenditures Among Children With Noncomplex Chronic Diseases.
Academic Article Association of Extending Hospital Length of Stay With Reduced Pediatric Hospital Readmissions.
Academic Article Outpatient Prescription Opioid Use in Pediatric Medicaid Enrollees With Special Health Care Needs.
Academic Article Health Care Utilization and Spending for Children With Mental Health Conditions in Medicaid.
Academic Article Measures of ED utilization in a national cohort of children.
Academic Article Hospitalization Outcomes for Rural Children with Mental Health Conditions.
Academic Article Healthcare Encounter and Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article Development of a Health Disparities Index: Proof of Concept with Chest Radiography in Asthma.

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