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Concept Blood Glucose
Concept Glucose
Concept Glucose Tolerance Test
Concept Sodium-Glucose Transporter 1
Concept Glucose Transporter Type 1
Concept Glucose Transporter Type 2
Concept Glucose Transporter Type 4
Academic Article Localization and quantification of glucose transporters in liver of growth-retarded fetal and neonatal rats.
Academic Article Placental expression of glucose transporter proteins 1 and 3 in growth-restricted fetal rats.
Academic Article Myocardial gene expression of glucose transporter 1 and glucose transporter 4 in response to uteroplacental insufficiency in the rat.
Academic Article IGF alters jejunal glucose transporter expression and serum glucose levels in immature rats.
Academic Article Mechanical-tactile stimulation (MTS) during neonatal stress prevents hyperinsulinemia despite stress-induced adiposity in weanling rat pups.
Academic Article Mechanical-tactile stimulation (MTS) intervention in a neonatal stress model alters adult adipose tissue deposition and prevents hyperinsulinemia in male rats.
Academic Article Essential nutrient supplementation prevents heritable metabolic disease in multigenerational intrauterine growth-restricted rats.
Academic Article IUGR prevents IGF-1 upregulation in juvenile male mice by perturbing postnatal IGF-1 chromatin remodeling.
Academic Article Programmed regulation of rat offspring adipogenic transcription factor (PPAR?) by maternal nutrition.

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