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Concept Oncogene Proteins, Viral
Concept Viral Proteins
Academic Article Extended life span and tumorigenicity of nonestablished mouse connective tissue cells transformed by the fos oncogene of FBR-MuSV.
Academic Article Deletion of the gag region from FBR murine osteosarcoma virus does not affect its enhanced transforming activity.
Academic Article The fos gene product undergoes extensive post-translational modification in eukaryotic but not in prokaryotic cells.
Academic Article Microinjection of transforming ras protein induces c-fos expression.
Academic Article The Fos protein complex is associated with DNA in isolated nuclei and binds to DNA cellulose.
Academic Article Viral and cellular fos proteins are complexed with a 39,000-dalton cellular protein.
Academic Article FBR murine osteosarcoma virus. I. Molecular analysis and characterization of a 75,000-Da gag-fos fusion product.
Academic Article FBR murine osteosarcoma virus. II. Nucleotide sequence of the provirus reveals that the genome contains sequences acquired from two cellular genes.
Academic Article Identification of a 39,000-dalton protein in cells transformed by the FBJ murine osteosarcoma virus.
Academic Article Candidate product of the FBJ murine osteosarcoma virus oncogene: characterization of a 55,000-dalton phosphoprotein.
Academic Article Analysis of FBJ-MuSV provirus and c-fos (mouse) gene reveals that viral and cellular fos gene products have different carboxy termini.
Academic Article Viral and cellular fos proteins: a comparative analysis.
Academic Article c-fos protein can induce cellular transformation: a novel mechanism of activation of a cellular oncogene.

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