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Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Academic Article Dendritic planarity of Purkinje cells is independent of Reelin signaling.
Academic Article Essential roles of Crk and CrkL in fibroblast structure and motility.
Academic Article Regional and cellular patterns of reelin mRNA expression in the forebrain of the developing and adult mouse.
Academic Article Role of DNA 5-methylcytosine transferase in cell transformation by fos.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone regulates reelin and dab1 expression during brain development.
Academic Article Loss of p53 but not ARF accelerates medulloblastoma in mice heterozygous for patched.
Academic Article Rescue of ataxia and preplate splitting by ectopic expression of Reelin in reeler mice.
Academic Article Cysteine 64 of Ref-1 is not essential for redox regulation of AP-1 DNA binding.
Academic Article Interaction of Disabled-1 and the GTPase activating protein Dab2IP in mouse brain.
Academic Article A molecular fingerprint for medulloblastoma.
Academic Article Components of the reelin signaling pathway are expressed in the spinal cord.
Academic Article A neurogenomics approach to gene expression analysis in the developing brain.
Academic Article A transcriptome map of cellular transformation by the fos oncogene.
Academic Article Shh pathway activity is down-regulated in cultured medulloblastoma cells: implications for preclinical studies.
Academic Article Developmental mouse brain gene expression maps.
Academic Article Gene expression profiles of mouse retinas during the second and third postnatal weeks.
Academic Article Developmental expression of thyroid hormone receptor beta2 protein in cone photoreceptors in the mouse.
Academic Article Menin epigenetically represses Hedgehog signaling in MEN1 tumor syndrome.
Academic Article Temporal and spatial expression of a fos-lacZ transgene in the developing nervous system.
Academic Article Regulation of a fos-lacZ fusion gene: a paradigm for quantitative analysis of stimulus-transcription coupling.
Academic Article Stimulus-transcription coupling in the nervous system: involvement of the inducible proto-oncogenes fos and jun.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation by Fos and Jun in vitro: interaction among multiple activator and regulatory domains.
Academic Article Fos-Jun heterodimers and Jun homodimers bend DNA in opposite orientations: implications for transcription factor cooperativity.
Academic Article Transcriptional activation and repression by Fos are independent functions: the C terminus represses immediate-early gene expression via CArG elements.
Academic Article Redox regulation of fos and jun DNA-binding activity in vitro.
Academic Article Fos and jun cooperate in transcriptional regulation via heterologous activation domains.
Academic Article Inducible proto-oncogenes of the nervous system: their contribution to transcription factors and neuroplasticity.
Academic Article Encounters with Fos and Jun on the road to AP-1.
Academic Article Role of ion flux in the control of c-fos expression.
Academic Article Fos and Jun bind cooperatively to the AP-1 site: reconstitution in vitro.
Academic Article Stimulus-transcription coupling in neurons: role of cellular immediate-early genes.
Academic Article Regulation of proenkephalin by Fos and Jun.
Academic Article Dynamic alterations occur in the levels and composition of transcription factor AP-1 complexes after seizure.
Academic Article Glutamate receptor agonists increase the expression of Fos, Fra, and AP-1 DNA binding activity in the mammalian brain.
Academic Article Regulation of proto-oncogenes in rat parotid acinar cells in vitro after stimulation of beta-adrenergic receptors.
Academic Article Removal of a 67-base-pair sequence in the noncoding region of protooncogene fos converts it to a transforming gene.
Academic Article Mapping patterns of c-fos expression in the central nervous system after seizure.
Academic Article [Stimulation of human lymphocytes by phorbol acetate and a calcium ionophore induces an early transient expression of the c-fos oncogene followed by c-myc].
Academic Article Expression of c-fos protein in brain: metabolic mapping at the cellular level.
Academic Article Fos and Jun: the AP-1 connection.
Academic Article Calcium as a modulator of the immediate-early gene cascade in neurons.
Academic Article Induction of c-fos during myelomonocytic differentiation and macrophage proliferation.
Academic Article Transient induction of c-fos and c-myc in an immediate consequence of growth factor stimulation.
Academic Article Superinduction of c-fos by nerve growth factor in the presence of peripherally active benzodiazepines.
Academic Article Induction of c-fos gene and protein by growth factors precedes activation of c-myc.
Academic Article c-fos protein can induce cellular transformation: a novel mechanism of activation of a cellular oncogene.
Academic Article Reeler gene discrepancies.
Academic Article Fos: an immediate-early transcription factor in neurons.
Academic Article Regulation of c-fos expression in transgenic mice requires multiple interdependent transcription control elements.
Academic Article Isolation of an allele of reeler by insertional mutagenesis.
Academic Article Activation of AP-1 and of a nuclear redox factor, Ref-1, in the response of HT29 colon cancer cells to hypoxia.
Academic Article Glutamate, immediate-early genes, and cell death in the nervous system.
Academic Article The regulation of c-fos: too much is never enough.
Academic Article Escape from redox regulation enhances the transforming activity of Fos.
Academic Article Regulation of proto-oncogene expression in adult and developing lungs.
Academic Article Fos-Jun dimerization promotes interaction of the basic region with TFIIE-34 and TFIIF.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone receptor beta is essential for development of auditory function.
Academic Article Spontaneous and evoked glutamate signalling influences Fos-lacZ expression and pyramidal cell death in hippocampal slice cultures from transgenic rats.
Academic Article Redox regulation of AP-1: a link between transcription factor signaling and DNA repair.
Academic Article Developmental expression of Fos-lacZ in the brains of postnatal transgenic rats.
Academic Article The human reelin gene: isolation, sequencing, and mapping on chromosome 7.
Academic Article Thyrotropin regulation by thyroid hormone in thyroid hormone receptor beta-deficient mice.
Academic Article Cerebellar disorganization characteristic of reeler in scrambler mutant mice despite presence of reelin.
Academic Article Role of reelin in the control of brain development.
Academic Article Leukotriene Synthesis Is Critical for Medulloblastoma Progression.

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