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Academic Article The normal patched allele is expressed in medulloblastomas from mice with heterozygous germ-line mutation of patched.
Academic Article Reelin mRNA expression during embryonic brain development in the chick.
Academic Article Loss of p53 but not ARF accelerates medulloblastoma in mice heterozygous for patched.
Academic Article Disabled-1 interacts with a novel developmentally regulated protocadherin.
Academic Article Cysteine 64 of Ref-1 is not essential for redox regulation of AP-1 DNA binding.
Academic Article Transient inhibition of the Hedgehog pathway in young mice causes permanent defects in bone structure.
Academic Article Dok-7 regulates neuromuscular synapse formation by recruiting Crk and Crk-L.
Academic Article Temporal and spatial expression of a fos-lacZ transgene in the developing nervous system.
Academic Article Regulation of proto-oncogenes in rat parotid acinar cells in vitro after stimulation of beta-adrenergic receptors.
Academic Article [Stimulation of human lymphocytes by phorbol acetate and a calcium ionophore induces an early transient expression of the c-fos oncogene followed by c-myc].
Academic Article Kainic acid-induced neuronal death is associated with DNA damage and a unique immediate-early gene response in c-fos-lacZ transgenic rats.
Academic Article Activation of AP-1 and of a nuclear redox factor, Ref-1, in the response of HT29 colon cancer cells to hypoxia.
Academic Article Cell transformation by c-fos requires an extended period of expression and is independent of the cell cycle.
Academic Article Requirement for Crk and CrkL during postnatal lens development.

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