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research overview From 1984-1995, Dr. Curran worked at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology ultimately rising to the position of Associate Director. He then founded the Department of Developmental Neurobiology at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where he grew the Translational Brain Tumor Program over the period 1995-2006. He served as Deputy Scientific Director of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute from 2006-2015 and he established the multi-institution Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium. Dr. Curran’s research spans the fields of cancer, signal transduction and neurobiology. He discovered and characterized the inducible Fos-Jun oncogenic transcription factor complex and demonstrated its function in diverse signal transduction processes. He also identified reelin, the gene responsible for the classic ataxic mouse mutation, reeler, and determined its role in the control of neuronal migration in the developing brain. Over the course of the last two decades, he pioneered the preclinical analysis of Hedgehog Pathway inhibitors for the treatment of pediatric medulloblastoma and transitioned this work into successful Phase I/II human clinical trials. His worked is published in over 298 papers that have been cited more than 72,000 times (Google Scholar). Dr. Curran was President of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in 2000-2001 and he served on the National Cancer Institute Board of Scientific Advisors from 2000-2005. He was elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1994), the American Society of Microbiology (1994), the Royal Society, London (2005), the National Academy of Medicine (2009), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2012) and the Academy of the American Association for Cancer Research (2013). Dr. Curran has received several awards and honors including, the Passano Foundation Young Scientist Award in 1992, the Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research award from the AACR in 1993, the Golgi Award from the Camillo Golgi Foundation and the Italian Academy of Neurosciences in 1994 and the Fred Epstein Lifetime Achievement Award from the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation in 2015. Many of his more than 50 trainees now hold senior positions in Academia and Industry.

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Concept Mice, Inbred C57BL
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Academic Article Fibroblast Growth Requires CT10 Regulator of Kinase (Crk) and Crk-like (CrkL).
Academic Article Statins Synergize with Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors for Treatment of Medulloblastoma.
Academic Article Crk proteins transduce FGF signaling to promote lens fiber cell elongation.
Academic Article Astrocytes Promote Medulloblastoma Progression through Hedgehog Secretion.
Academic Article Nestin Mediates Hedgehog Pathway Tumorigenesis.
Academic Article CRK proteins selectively regulate T cell migration into inflamed tissues.
Academic Article Crk and CrkL are required for cell transformation by v-fos and v-ras.
Academic Article Dendritic planarity of Purkinje cells is independent of Reelin signaling.
Academic Article Crk1/2 and CrkL form a hetero-oligomer and functionally complement each other during podocyte morphogenesis.
Academic Article Essential roles of Crk and CrkL in fibroblast structure and motility.
Academic Article Regional and cellular patterns of reelin mRNA expression in the forebrain of the developing and adult mouse.
Academic Article Absence of thyroid hormone receptor beta-retinoid X receptor interactions in auditory function and in the pituitary-thyroid axis.
Academic Article A gene expression approach to mapping the functional maturation of the hippocampus.
Academic Article Reelin regulates the development and synaptogenesis of the layer-specific entorhino-hippocampal connections.
Academic Article Gene dosage in mice--BAC to the future.
Academic Article Disabled-1 binds to the cytoplasmic domain of amyloid precursor-like protein 1.
Academic Article Mutant mice with scrambled brains: understanding the signaling pathways that control cell positioning in the CNS.
Academic Article Reelin is a ligand for lipoprotein receptors.
Academic Article Dysfunctions in mice by NMDA receptor point mutations NR1(N598Q) and NR1(N598R).
Academic Article The normal patched allele is expressed in medulloblastomas from mice with heterozygous germ-line mutation of patched.
Academic Article Disabled-1 is expressed in type AII amacrine cells in the mouse retina.
Academic Article Loss of p53 but not ARF accelerates medulloblastoma in mice heterozygous for patched.
Academic Article Identification of reelin-induced sites of tyrosyl phosphorylation on disabled 1.
Academic Article Audiogenic seizure susceptibility in thyroid hormone receptor beta-deficient mice.
Academic Article Role of the reelin signaling pathway in central nervous system development.
Academic Article The reelin pathway modulates the structure and function of retinal synaptic circuitry.
Academic Article Disabled-1 interacts with a novel developmentally regulated protocadherin.
Academic Article Brain development: integrins and the Reelin pathway.
Academic Article Rescue of ataxia and preplate splitting by ectopic expression of Reelin in reeler mice.
Academic Article Methylation matters: modeling a manageable genome.
Academic Article Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 phosphorylates disabled 1 independently of Reelin signaling.
Academic Article Fos-Like Immunoreactivity Induced by Seizure in Mice Is Specifically Associated With Euchromatin in Neurons.
Academic Article mPPP1R16B is a novel mouse protein phosphatase 1 targeting subunit whose mRNA is located in cell bodies and dendrites of neurons in four distinct regions of the brain.
Academic Article Binding of purified Reelin to ApoER2 and VLDLR mediates tyrosine phosphorylation of Disabled-1.
Academic Article Cysteine 64 of Ref-1 is not essential for redox regulation of AP-1 DNA binding.
Academic Article Mouse embryos cloned from brain tumors.
Academic Article Reovirus prolongs survival and reduces the frequency of spinal and leptomeningeal metastases from medulloblastoma.
Academic Article Crystal structures of the Dab homology domains of mouse disabled 1 and 2.
Academic Article Interaction of Disabled-1 and the GTPase activating protein Dab2IP in mouse brain.
Academic Article Differential binding of ligands to the apolipoprotein E receptor 2.
Academic Article A molecular fingerprint for medulloblastoma.
Academic Article Components of the reelin signaling pathway are expressed in the spinal cord.
Academic Article Tyrosine phosphorylated Disabled 1 recruits Crk family adapter proteins.
Academic Article Medulloblastoma and retinoblastoma: oncology recapitulates ontogeny.
Academic Article Suppression of the Shh pathway using a small molecule inhibitor eliminates medulloblastoma in Ptc1(+/-)p53(-/-) mice.
Academic Article A neurogenomics approach to gene expression analysis in the developing brain.
Academic Article Gli1 is important for medulloblastoma formation in Ptc1+/- mice.
Academic Article Targeting medulloblastoma: small-molecule inhibitors of the Sonic Hedgehog pathway as potential cancer therapeutics.
Academic Article Radial glia cells are candidate stem cells of ependymoma.
Academic Article The tumor suppressors Ink4c and p53 collaborate independently with Patched to suppress medulloblastoma formation.
Academic Article BGEM: an in situ hybridization database of gene expression in the embryonic and adult mouse nervous system.
Academic Article Shh pathway activity is down-regulated in cultured medulloblastoma cells: implications for preclinical studies.
Academic Article Developmental mouse brain gene expression maps.
Academic Article Gene expression profiles of mouse retinas during the second and third postnatal weeks.
Academic Article Patched2 modulates tumorigenesis in patched1 heterozygous mice.
Academic Article Cardiovascular and craniofacial defects in Crk-null mice.
Academic Article Medulloblastomas derived from Cxcr6 mutant mice respond to treatment with a smoothened inhibitor.
Academic Article Loss of suppressor-of-fused function promotes tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Deletion of Shp2 in the brain leads to defective proliferation and differentiation in neural stem cells and early postnatal lethality.
Academic Article Transient inhibition of the Hedgehog pathway in young mice causes permanent defects in bone structure.
Academic Article Cortical development in the presenilin-1 null mutant mouse fails after splitting of the preplate and is not due to a failure of reelin-dependent signaling.
Academic Article Cancer: Hedgehog's other great trick.
Academic Article Crk and Crk-like play essential overlapping roles downstream of disabled-1 in the Reelin pathway.
Academic Article Developmental expression of thyroid hormone receptor beta2 protein in cone photoreceptors in the mouse.
Academic Article Ectopic expression of reelin alters migration of sympathetic preganglionic neurons in the spinal cord.
Academic Article Mouse models and mouse supermodels.
Academic Article Hedgehog signaling regulates the generation of ameloblast progenitors in the continuously growing mouse incisor.
Academic Article Dok-7 regulates neuromuscular synapse formation by recruiting Crk and Crk-L.
Academic Article PTHrP treatment fails to rescue bone defects caused by Hedgehog pathway inhibition in young mice.
Academic Article The adaptor protein CRK is a pro-apoptotic transducer of endoplasmic reticulum stress.
Academic Article Crk1/2-dependent signaling is necessary for podocyte foot process spreading in mouse models of glomerular disease.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid compounds modify smoothened localization and hedgehog pathway activity.
Academic Article Menin epigenetically represses Hedgehog signaling in MEN1 tumor syndrome.
Academic Article The Ketogenic Diet Does Not Affect Growth of Hedgehog Pathway Medulloblastoma in Mice.
Academic Article Generation of a mouse model of atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor of the central nervous system through combined deletion of Snf5 and p53.
Academic Article Temporal and spatial expression of a fos-lacZ transgene in the developing nervous system.
Academic Article Regulation of a fos-lacZ fusion gene: a paradigm for quantitative analysis of stimulus-transcription coupling.
Academic Article Pro-Leu-Ser/Thr-Pro is a consensus primary sequence for substrate protein phosphorylation. Characterization of the phosphorylation of c-myc and c-jun proteins by an epidermal growth factor receptor threonine 669 protein kinase.
Academic Article fos-lacZ transgenic mice: mapping sites of gene induction in the central nervous system.
Academic Article Transcriptional activation and repression by Fos are independent functions: the C terminus represses immediate-early gene expression via CArG elements.
Academic Article Regulation of proenkephalin by Fos and Jun.
Academic Article Dynamic alterations occur in the levels and composition of transcription factor AP-1 complexes after seizure.
Academic Article The structure and function of the fos proto-oncogene.
Academic Article Glutamate receptor agonists increase the expression of Fos, Fra, and AP-1 DNA binding activity in the mammalian brain.
Academic Article Extended life span and tumorigenicity of nonestablished mouse connective tissue cells transformed by the fos oncogene of FBR-MuSV.
Academic Article Deletion of the gag region from FBR murine osteosarcoma virus does not affect its enhanced transforming activity.
Academic Article Removal of a 67-base-pair sequence in the noncoding region of protooncogene fos converts it to a transforming gene.
Academic Article The fos gene product undergoes extensive post-translational modification in eukaryotic but not in prokaryotic cells.
Academic Article Mapping patterns of c-fos expression in the central nervous system after seizure.
Academic Article Microinjection of transforming ras protein induces c-fos expression.
Academic Article Levels of fos, ets2, and myb proto-oncogene RNAs correlate with segregation of chromosome 11 of normal cells and with suppression of tumorigenicity in human cell hybrids.
Academic Article Expression of c-fos in NIH3T3 cells is very low but inducible throughout the cell cycle.
Academic Article Viral and cellular fos proteins are complexed with a 39,000-dalton cellular protein.
Academic Article FBR murine osteosarcoma virus. I. Molecular analysis and characterization of a 75,000-Da gag-fos fusion product.
Academic Article Identification of a 39,000-dalton protein in cells transformed by the FBJ murine osteosarcoma virus.
Academic Article FBJ murine osteosarcoma virus: identification and molecular cloning of biologically active proviral DNA.
Academic Article Analysis of FBJ-MuSV provirus and c-fos (mouse) gene reveals that viral and cellular fos gene products have different carboxy termini.
Academic Article Structure of the FBJ murine osteosarcoma virus genome: molecular cloning of its associated helper virus and the cellular homolog of the v-fos gene from mouse and human cells.
Academic Article Viral and cellular fos proteins: a comparative analysis.
Academic Article Induction of c-fos gene and protein by growth factors precedes activation of c-myc.
Academic Article Complete nucleotide sequence of a human c-onc gene: deduced amino acid sequence of the human c-fos protein.
Academic Article N-terminal variants of thyroid hormone receptor beta: differential function and potential contribution to syndrome of resistance to thyroid hormone.
Academic Article Reeler gene discrepancies.
Academic Article Apoptosis in the nervous system: new revelations.
Academic Article A protein related to extracellular matrix proteins deleted in the mouse mutant reeler.
Academic Article Fos: an immediate-early transcription factor in neurons.
Academic Article Kainic acid-induced neuronal death is associated with DNA damage and a unique immediate-early gene response in c-fos-lacZ transgenic rats.
Academic Article Regulation of c-fos expression in transgenic mice requires multiple interdependent transcription control elements.
Academic Article Design of a "minimAl" homeodomain: the N-terminal arm modulates DNA binding affinity and stabilizes homeodomain structure.
Academic Article Isolation of an allele of reeler by insertional mutagenesis.
Academic Article Targeted disruption of NMDA receptor 1 gene abolishes NMDA response and results in neonatal death.
Academic Article Cell transformation by c-fos requires an extended period of expression and is independent of the cell cycle.
Academic Article Isolation of the cyclosporin-sensitive T cell transcription factor NFATp.
Academic Article The T-cell transcription factor NFATp is a substrate for calcineurin and interacts with Fos and Jun.
Academic Article A fos-lac Z transgenic mouse that can be used for neuroanatomic mapping.
Academic Article Continuous c-fos expression precedes programmed cell death in vivo.
Academic Article Regulation of proto-oncogene expression in adult and developing lungs.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of c-Fos at the C-terminus enhances its transforming activity.
Academic Article An enhanced immune response in mice lacking the transcription factor NFAT1.
Academic Article Recessive resistance to thyroid hormone in mice lacking thyroid hormone receptor beta: evidence for tissue-specific modulation of receptor function.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone receptor beta is essential for development of auditory function.
Academic Article Selective activation of calcium permeability by aspartate in Purkinje cells.
Academic Article Functional NMDA receptors are transiently active and support the survival of Purkinje cells in culture.
Academic Article The redox/DNA repair protein, Ref-1, is essential for early embryonic development in mice.
Academic Article Detection of the reelin breakpoint in reeler mice.
Academic Article c-Jun stimulates origin-dependent DNA unwinding by polyomavirus large Tantigen.
Academic Article Reelin is a secreted glycoprotein recognized by the CR-50 monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article The human reelin gene: isolation, sequencing, and mapping on chromosome 7.
Academic Article Thyrotropin regulation by thyroid hormone in thyroid hormone receptor beta-deficient mice.
Academic Article Scrambler and yotari disrupt the disabled gene and produce a reeler-like phenotype in mice.
Academic Article Cerebellar disorganization characteristic of reeler in scrambler mutant mice despite presence of reelin.
Academic Article Reeler: new tales on an old mutant mouse.
Academic Article Role of reelin in the control of brain development.
Academic Article Disabled-1 acts downstream of Reelin in a signaling pathway that controls laminar organization in the mammalian brain.
Academic Article Leukotriene Synthesis Is Critical for Medulloblastoma Progression.
Academic Article Requirement for Crk and CrkL during postnatal lens development.
Academic Article Statins repress hedgehog signaling in medulloblastoma with no bone toxicities.
Academic Article Macrophages in SHH subgroup medulloblastoma display dynamic heterogeneity that varies with treatment modality.

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