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Concept Mice, Neurologic Mutants
Academic Article Regional and cellular patterns of reelin mRNA expression in the forebrain of the developing and adult mouse.
Academic Article Reelin regulates the development and synaptogenesis of the layer-specific entorhino-hippocampal connections.
Academic Article Mutant mice with scrambled brains: understanding the signaling pathways that control cell positioning in the CNS.
Academic Article Role of the reelin signaling pathway in central nervous system development.
Academic Article The reelin pathway modulates the structure and function of retinal synaptic circuitry.
Academic Article Rescue of ataxia and preplate splitting by ectopic expression of Reelin in reeler mice.
Academic Article Components of the reelin signaling pathway are expressed in the spinal cord.
Academic Article BGEM: an in situ hybridization database of gene expression in the embryonic and adult mouse nervous system.
Academic Article Ectopic expression of reelin alters migration of sympathetic preganglionic neurons in the spinal cord.
Academic Article Reeler gene discrepancies.
Academic Article A protein related to extracellular matrix proteins deleted in the mouse mutant reeler.
Academic Article Isolation of an allele of reeler by insertional mutagenesis.
Academic Article Detection of the reelin breakpoint in reeler mice.
Academic Article Reelin is a secreted glycoprotein recognized by the CR-50 monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Scrambler and yotari disrupt the disabled gene and produce a reeler-like phenotype in mice.
Academic Article Cerebellar disorganization characteristic of reeler in scrambler mutant mice despite presence of reelin.
Academic Article Reeler: new tales on an old mutant mouse.
Academic Article Role of reelin in the control of brain development.
Academic Article Disabled-1 acts downstream of Reelin in a signaling pathway that controls laminar organization in the mammalian brain.

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