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Concept Chromosome Deletion
Concept Chromosome Mapping
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 11
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 5
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 7
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 9
Academic Article Yayoi era mutation disrupts brain and muscle.
Academic Article Developmental mouse brain gene expression maps.
Academic Article Transcriptional activation and repression by Fos are independent functions: the C terminus represses immediate-early gene expression via CArG elements.
Academic Article Binding of the Wilms' tumor locus zinc finger protein to the EGR-1 consensus sequence.
Academic Article Removal of a 67-base-pair sequence in the noncoding region of protooncogene fos converts it to a transforming gene.
Academic Article A zinc finger-encoding gene coregulated with c-fos during growth and differentiation, and after cellular depolarization.
Academic Article Levels of fos, ets2, and myb proto-oncogene RNAs correlate with segregation of chromosome 11 of normal cells and with suppression of tumorigenicity in human cell hybrids.
Academic Article Reeler gene discrepancies.
Academic Article Isolation of an allele of reeler by insertional mutagenesis.
Academic Article The human reelin gene: isolation, sequencing, and mapping on chromosome 7.
Academic Article Scrambler and yotari disrupt the disabled gene and produce a reeler-like phenotype in mice.
Academic Article Reeler: new tales on an old mutant mouse.

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