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Academic Article Bowel obstruction after treatment of intra-abdominal tumors.
Academic Article The role of laparoscopy in the management of malrotation.
Academic Article Laparoscopic management of intussusception in pediatric patients.
Academic Article Nonoperative management of blunt renal injury: a need for further study.
Academic Article 15-Year experience in the treatment of rectal prolapse in children.
Academic Article Outcomes of laparoscopic and open total colectomy in the pediatric population.
Academic Article Laparoscopic management of small bowel obstruction in children.
Academic Article Laparoscopic ileocecectomy in pediatric patients with Crohn's disease.
Academic Article The lack of efficacy for oral contrast in the diagnosis of appendicitis by computed tomography.
Academic Article Analysis of the pediatric surgery match: factors predicting outcome.
Academic Article Short-term natural history of the standard approaches for gastrostomy tube placement in the pediatric patient.
Academic Article The safety of laparoscopy in pediatric patients with ventriculoperitoneal shunts.
Academic Article Stomal complications in the newborn with necrotizing enterocolitis.
Academic Article Physiologic predictors of postoperative abscess in children with perforated appendicitis: subset analysis from a prospective randomized trial.
Academic Article Challenging surgical dogma in the management of proximal esophageal atresia with distal tracheoesophageal fistula: Outcomes from the Midwest Pediatric Surgery Consortium.
Academic Article Abdominal Exploration in Neonates Using Transumbilical Exposure Compared with Transverse Laparotomies.
Academic Article Initial experience with same day discharge after laparoscopic appendectomy for nonperforated appendicitis.
Academic Article Screening practices and associated anomalies in infants with anorectal malformations: Results from the Midwest Pediatric Surgery Consortium.
Academic Article Outcomes Using Cryoablation for Postoperative Pain Control in Children Following Minimally Invasive Pectus Excavatum Repair.
Academic Article The relationship of eosinophilia with outcomes of Hirschsprung disease in children.
Academic Article The Minimally Invasive Repair of Pectus Excavatum Using a Subxiphoid Incision.
Academic Article The Laparoscopic Versus Open Approach for Reduction of Intussusception in Infants and Children: An Updated Institutional Experience.
Academic Article Success of Bolus Gastric Feeding After Fundoplication Among Children Who Require Preoperative Jejunal Feeding.
Academic Article Outcomes of Ostomy Location in Children: Placement of the Ostomy at the Umbilicus.
Academic Article Infants with esophageal atresia and right aortic arch: Characteristics and outcomes from the Midwest Pediatric Surgery Consortium.
Academic Article Development of a multi-institutional registry for children with operative congenital lung malformations.
Academic Article Current operative management of congenital lobar emphysema in children: A report from the Midwest Pediatric Surgery Consortium.
Academic Article Optimal treatment of multiple ipsilateral primary breast cancers.
Academic Article Clinical and molecular epidemiology of community-onset invasive Staphylococcus aureus infection in New Zealand children.
Academic Article Injuries and outcomes associated with recreational vehicle accidents in pediatric trauma.
Academic Article Factors Associated With Management of Pediatric Ovarian Neoplasms.
Academic Article Trends in Volume and Utilization Outcomes in Adolescent Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article Understanding the Value of Tumor Markers in Pediatric Ovarian Neoplasms.
Academic Article Laparoscopic Ladd Procedure for the Management of Malrotation and Volvulus.
Academic Article Sutureless vs sutured abdominal wall closure for gastroschisis: Operative characteristics and early outcomes from the Midwest Pediatric Surgery Consortium.
Academic Article Same-Day Discharge and Quality of Life for Primary Laparoscopic Rectopexy for Rectal Prolapse in Children: A 10-Year Experience.
Academic Article Inter-rater Reliability of Sacral Ratio Measurements in Patients with Anorectal Malformations.
Academic Article Characterization of Pediatric Breast Abscesses and Optimal Treatment: A Retrospective Analysis.
Academic Article Inpatient management of Hirschsprung's associated enterocolitis treatment: the benefits of standardized care.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes following implementation of a management bundle for esophageal atresia with distal tracheoesophageal fistula.
Academic Article Impact of an institution-designed algorithm for the management of dislodged gastrostomy tubes.
Academic Article Does Use of a Feeding Protocol Change Outcomes in Gastroschisis? A Report from the Midwest Pediatric Surgery Consortium.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Torsion in Pediatric Patients with Ovarian Masses.
Academic Article A single institution experience with Laparoscopic Hernia repair in 791 children.
Academic Article Management of Pediatric Breast Masses: A Multi-institutional Retrospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Risk factors for perioperative hypothermia and infectious outcomes in gastroschisis patients.
Academic Article Thoracoscopic versus open lobectomy in infants with congenital lung malformations: A multi-institutional propensity score analysis.
Academic Article Outcomes in gastroschisis: expectations in the postnatal period for simple vs complex gastroschisis.
Academic Article Outpatient Botulinum Injections for Early Obstructive Symptoms in Patients with Hirschsprung Disease.
Academic Article Behind the mask: extended use of surgical masks is not associated with increased risk of surgical site infection.
Academic Article Evaluation of a fluid resuscitation protocol for patients with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.
Academic Article Umbilical access in laparoscopic surgery in infants less than 3 months: A single institution retrospective review.
Academic Article Review of Perioperative Prophylactic Antibiotic Use during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Subsequent Surgical Site Infection Development at a Single Children's Hospital.
Academic Article Fundoplication without esophagocrural sutures: Long-term follow-up of a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Multi-Institutional Review of the Preoperative Diagnostic Accuracy for Pediatric Ovarian Mature Cystic Teratomas.
Academic Article Short and long term outcomes of using cryoablation for postoperative pain control in patients after pectus excavatum repair.
Academic Article Laparoscopy versus laparotomy for pediatric ovarian dermoids.
Academic Article Impact of "Stay-at-Home" orders on non-accidental trauma: A multi-institutional study.
Academic Article Acid suppression duration does not alter anastomotic stricture rates after esophageal atresia with distal tracheoesophageal fistula repair: A prospective multi-institutional cohort study.
Academic Article Evaluating the risk of peri-umbilical hernia after sutured or sutureless gastroschisis closure.
Academic Article The COVID-19 pandemic and associated rise in pediatric firearm injuries: A multi-institutional study.
Academic Article Laparoscopic Gastrostomy in Infants During an Open Abdominal Procedure: A Novel Approach.
Academic Article Disparities in the Management of Pediatric Breast Masses.
Academic Article A Multi-institutional Study Evaluating Pediatric Burn Injuries During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Pediatric injury trends and relationships with social vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic: A multi-institutional analysis.
Academic Article Pediatric Injury Transfer Patterns During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Interrupted time Series Analysis.
Academic Article Use and Accuracy of Intraoperative Frozen Section Analysis for Ovarian Masses in Children and Adolescents.
Academic Article Institutional outcomes of blunt liver and splenic injury in the Arizona-Texas-Oklahoma-Memphis-Arkansas Consortium era.
Academic Article Management of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax in Children: A Single Institution Protocol Analysis.
Academic Article Evaluating the Regional Differences in Pediatric Injury Patterns During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis Protocol: A Single Center Study.
Academic Article Duodenal Atresia Repair: A Single-Center Comparative Study.
Academic Article Reducing Unnecessary Oophorectomies for Benign Ovarian Neoplasms in Pediatric Patients.

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