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research overview Drug Resistant Epilepsy therapies. The use of Neuromodulation, Ketogenic Diet, and surgical approach. In addition, studying pharmacological efficacy and tolerability of medications for patients with epilepsy.

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Concept Drug Resistant Epilepsy
Concept Epilepsy
Concept Epilepsies, Partial
Concept Epilepsy, Absence
Academic Article PCDH19-related epileptic encephalopathy in a male mosaic for a truncating variant.
Academic Article Hypotonia and intellectual disability without dysmorphic features in a patient with PIGN-related disease.
Academic Article The role of epilepsy surgery in the treatment of childhood epileptic encephalopathy.
Academic Article Ketogenic Diet Decreases Emergency Room Visits and Hospitalizations Related to Epilepsy.
Academic Article Electroclinical Features of Generalized Paroxysmal Fast Activity in Typical Absence Seizures.
Academic Article Initiating the ketogenic diet in infants with treatment refractory epilepsy while maintaining a breast milk diet.
Academic Article Safety and tolerability of adjunctive lacosamide in a pediatric population with focal seizures - An open-label trial.
Academic Article The Case of a Twitchy Tongue: An Uncommon Presentation of a Common Childhood Epilepsy.
Academic Article The Efficacy and Safety of Rapid Cycling Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Children With Intractable Epilepsy.
Academic Article The efficacy and tolerability of auto-stimulation-VNS in children with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.
Academic Article Combined use of the ketogenic diet and vagus nerve stimulation in pediatric drug-resistant epilepsy.
Award or Honor Receipt Transforming Healthcare for Children and Youth with Epilepsy
Grant Awareness and Access to Care for Children and Youth with Epilepsy
Academic Article Factors Associated With Growth in Patients Treated With the Classic Ketogenic Diet for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy.
Academic Article Efficacy and Tolerability of Ultra Rapid Duty Cycling Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Medically Refractory Absence Seizures.

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