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Concept Parent-Child Relations
Concept Parents
Academic Article Controversies in vaccine mandates.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Practices Have Policies to Not Care for Children With Vaccine-Hesitant Parents?
Academic Article Parents Refusing Dialysis for a 3-Month-Old With Renal Failure.
Academic Article Ethical aspects of pediatric home care.
Academic Article Bone marrow transplantation for sickle cell disease. A study of parents' decisions.
Academic Article Ethics of liver transplantation with living donors.
Academic Article Baby Doe five years later. Implications for child health.
Academic Article Withholding and withdrawing life sustaining treatment in neonatal intensive care: issues for the 1990s.
Academic Article Birth weight-specific mortality for extremely low birth weight infants vanishes by four days of life: epidemiology and ethics in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article Should we always tell children the truth?
Academic Article The case. What should Leah be told?
Academic Article Disclosing the diagnosis of HIV in pediatrics.
Academic Article Current opinion in pediatrics: ethics and law 2001.
Academic Article To tell or not to tell: must the doctors inform her she'll be infertile?
Academic Article When parents request seemingly futile treatment for their children.
Academic Article Should institutional review board decisions be evidence-based?
Academic Article Parents who walk away.
Academic Article Overweight in Latino preschoolers: do parental health beliefs matter?
Academic Article It's not the growth attenuation, it's the sterilization!
Academic Article A premature infant with necrotizing enterocolitis whose parents are Jehovah's Witnesses.
Academic Article Why we should eliminate personal belief exemptions to vaccine mandates.
Academic Article When parents refuse a septic workup for a newborn.
Academic Article Dangerous and expensive screening and treatment for rare childhood diseases: the case of Krabbe disease.
Academic Article Antenatal counselling for parents facing an extremely preterm birth: limitations of the medical evidence.
Academic Article What we talk about when we talk about ethics.
Academic Article A 6-month-old with vaccine-hesitant parents.
Academic Article Ethics and etiquette in neonatal intensive care.
Academic Article Perspectives on anticipated quality-of-life and recommendations for neonatal intensive care: a survey of neonatal providers.
Academic Article Whose interests count?
Academic Article Should we tell parents when we've made an error?
Academic Article The patient-parent-pediatrician relationship: everyday ethics in the office.
Academic Article Two infants, same prognosis, different parental preferences.
Academic Article Should All Deaf Children Learn Sign Language?
Academic Article Author's Response: Deaf Children, Cochlear Implants, and Language Acquisition.
Academic Article Tough Decisions for Premature Triplets.
Academic Article Considering Decision-Making and Sexuality in Menstrual Suppression of Teens and Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.
Academic Article Can Parents Refuse a Potentially Lifesaving Transplant for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency?
Academic Article Stronger and More Vulnerable: A Balanced View of the Impacts of the NICU Experience on Parents.
Academic Article Bartleby in the NICU.
Academic Article Parental Refusal of Surgery in an Infant With Tricuspid Atresia.
Academic Article What We Do When We Resuscitate Extremely Preterm Infants.
Academic Article The Tragic Case of Charlie Gard.
Academic Article A Parent Reveals the Biases That she Faced to get Care for her Daughter.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Euthanasia be Legalized?
Academic Article Fragile lives with fragile rights: Justice for babies born at the limit of viability.
Academic Article What is the Purpose of Antenatal Counseling?
Academic Article Considering Whether the Dismissal of Vaccine-Refusing Families Is Fair to Other Clinicians.
Academic Article Fertility Preservation for a Transgender Teenager.
Academic Article Best Interest, Harm, God's Will, Parental Discretion, or Utility.
Academic Article Should Foreigners Get Costly Lifesaving Treatments in the United States?
Academic Article Unilateral Withdrawal of Life-sustaining Therapy in a Severely Impaired Child.
Academic Article Tell Parents the Truth, but Tell It Slant.
Academic Article Ethical Problems in Decision Making in the Neonatal ICU.
Academic Article When Parents Have Misunderstandings About the Risks and Benefits of Palliative Surgery.
Academic Article Rethinking the "open future" argument against predictive genetic testing of children.
Academic Article Infant With Trisomy 18 and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.
Academic Article When Adolescent and Parents Disagree on Medical Plan, Who Gets to Decide?
Academic Article When Parents Take Conflicts to Digital Media.
Academic Article Parents of newborns in the NICU enrolled in genome sequencing research: hopeful, but not naïve.
Academic Article Failure to Provide Adequate Palliative Care May Be Medical Neglect.
Academic Article Disclosing adverse events and near misses to parents of neonates.
Academic Article When Specialty Care Is Unavailable to Rural Families.
Academic Article Parental Concerns on Short Stature: A 15-Year Follow-Up.
Academic Article Parents Demand and Teenager Refuses Epidural Anesthesia.
Academic Article Pediatric Cardiology Specialist's Opinions Toward the Acceptability of Comfort Care for Congenital Heart Disease.
Academic Article Helping Parents Cope in the NICU.
Academic Article Author Response.
Academic Article Communicating with parents of children with trisomy 13 or 18 who seek cardiac interventions.

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