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keywords Autism and Early Identification in Young Children
keywords Parent-Child Relationships
research overview Broadly speaking, the aim of Dr. Salley's research is to optimize early development for young children, particularly early language and social emotional development. One primary line of research is focused on early social communication and language. The overall aim of this programmatic work is improve early identification and inform intervention approaches. A second primary line of research focuses on optimizing parent-child interactions to promote early language, social and cognitive development. The overall goal is to shift the trajectory of early risk/delay by preschool and kindergarten entry to improve child long term outcomes. One focus within this line of work has been to improve parent’s ability to facilitate optimal language interactions during early book-sharing experiences. This has involved developing intervention programs for Part C providers (Ready, Set, Share A Book!). A second focus within this line of work has been developing a universal language promotion program within the healthcare system (Talk With Me Baby). Each of these intervention programs is designed to disseminate and scale evidence-based interventions for at-risk young children.

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Academic Article "Shhh! We're tryin' to concentrate": attention and environmental distracters in novel word learning.
Academic Article Marshmallows used as saliva stimulant do not affect cortisol concentrations: finally a palatable alternative for toddler saliva collection.
Academic Article The importance of physician knowledge of autism spectrum disorder: results of a parent survey.
Academic Article Associations Between Temperament and Social Responsiveness in Young Children.
Academic Article Do early caregiver concerns differ for girls with autism spectrum disorders?
Academic Article Infants' early visual attention and social engagement as developmental precursors to joint attention.
Grant Visual Attention, Joint Attention and Emergent Language in Infancy
Grant Visual Attention, Joint Attention and Emergent Language in Infancy
Award or Honor Receipt National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) Pathway to Independence Award
Academic Article Preverbal Communication Complexity in Infants.
Academic Article Brief Report: Predicting Sex Differences and Diagnosis from Early Parent Concerns.
Grant Validation of an outcome measure of early social-communication for young children with ASD
Academic Article Missed Opportunities and the Impact of the Pandemic.
Academic Article Oral Sensory Sensitivity Influences Attentional Bias to Food Logo Images in Children: A Preliminary Investigation.
Grant Exploring predictors of response to a peer-mediated communication intervention for minimally verbal preschoolers with ASD
Academic Article Shared Book Reading Intervention for Parents of Infants and Toddlers.
Academic Article Parent book choices: How do parents select books to share with infants and toddlers with language impairment?
Academic Article The impact of a community-based music program during infancy on?the quality of parent-child language interactions.

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