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Concept Patient Satisfaction
Academic Article Long-term patient perception of pain control experience after participating in a trial between patient-controlled analgesia and epidural after pectus excavatum repair with bar placement.
Academic Article Patient and parental scar assessment after single incision versus standard 3-port laparoscopic appendectomy: long-term follow-up from a prospective randomized trial.
Academic Article Is epidural anesthesia truly the best pain management strategy after minimally invasive pectus excavatum repair?
Academic Article Treatment of adolescent gynecomastia.
Academic Article Parental and Volunteer Perception of Pyloromyotomy Scars: Comparing Laparoscopic, Open, and Nonsurgical Volunteers.
Academic Article Patient scar assessment after single-incision versus four-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy: long-term follow-up from a prospective randomized trial.
Academic Article Multi-institutional analysis of long-term symptom resolution after cholecystectomy for biliary dyskinesia in children.
Academic Article Do health beliefs affect pain perception after pectus excavatum repair?
Academic Article Outcomes Following Dynamic Compression Bracing for Pectus Carinatum.
Academic Article Self-reported Outcomes After Cholecystectomy for Pediatric Hyperkinetic Biliary Dyskinesia.
Academic Article Long-term outcomes and satisfaction rates after costal cartilage resection for slipping rib syndrome.
Academic Article Association of Satisfaction With Treatment Decision and Failure of Nonoperative Management of Appendicitis in Children.
Academic Article Evaluating caretaker satisfaction with same-day discharge after gastrostomy tube placement.
Academic Article Satisfaction With Same-Day Discharge After Laparoscopic Appendectomy for Nonperforated Appendicitis.
Academic Article Long-Term Recurrence Rates and Patient Satisfaction after Repair of Pectus Excavatum.

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