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Concept Reproductive Health
Academic Article Brief Behavioral Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health: A Feasibility Study in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Adapting an HIV Risk Reduction Curriculum: Processes and Outcomes.
Academic Article Hospitalizations for injury in New Zealand: prior injury as a risk factor for assaultive injury.
Academic Article Bridging the emergency medical services for children information gap.
Academic Article Removing the pediatric cervical collar: current practice patterns.
Academic Article Relationship between socioeconomic factors and severe childhood injuries.
Academic Article Effect of rapid diagnosis of influenza virus type a on the emergency department management of febrile infants and toddlers.
Academic Article Handgun safety: what do consumers learn from gun dealers?
Academic Article Questioning dogma: is this test needed?
Academic Article Firearm injury prevention: failure of gun-safety education.
Academic Article Evaluation of a curriculum for intimate partner violence screening in a pediatric emergency department.
Academic Article Child and provider restraints in ambulances: knowledge, opinions, and behaviors of emergency medical services providers.
Academic Article Effect of emergency department care on outcomes in pediatric trauma: what approaches make a difference in quality of care?
Academic Article Innovative pediatric program: ideas that help youths.
Academic Article Connected kids at Head Start: taking office-based violence prevention to the community.
Academic Article Attitudes and beliefs of adolescents and parents regarding adolescent suicide.
Academic Article Comparative needs in child abuse education and resources: perceptions from three medical specialties.
Academic Article 911 (nueve once): Spanish-speaking parents' perspectives on prehospital emergency care for children.
Academic Article Effects of the limited English proficiency of parents on hospital length of stay and home health care referral for their home health care-eligible children with infections.
Academic Article Pediatric emergency health care providers' knowledge, attitudes, and experiences regarding emergency contraception.
Academic Article Evaluation of a firearm injury prevention web-based curriculum.
Academic Article Acceptability of sexual health discussion and testing in the pediatric acute care setting.
Academic Article Intimate Partner Violence Programs in a Children's Hospital: Comprehensive Assessment Utilizing a Delphi Instrument.
Academic Article Family Adversity and Resilience Measures in Pediatric Acute Care Settings.
Academic Article Early Adversity, Toxic Stress, and Resilience: Pediatrics for Today.
Academic Article A Novel Partnership Disrupts the Norm in Early Childhood Education and Pediatric Health Care.
Academic Article Building a Collaboration Between a Children's Hospital and an Early Childhood Education and Social Services Center.
Academic Article Vehicular Hyperthermia-A Highly Preventable and Potentially Fatal Problem.
Academic Article Development of a Novel Computerized Clinical Decision Support System to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Care Provision.
Academic Article Risk of Intimate Partner Homicide Among Caregivers in an Urban Children's Hospital.
Academic Article The Relevance of Parental Adverse Childhood Experiences in Pediatric Practice.

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