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Academic Article Use of the multipurpose drainage catheter for the provision of acute peritoneal dialysis in infants and children.
Academic Article Effect of CYP3A5 genotype, steroids, and azoles on tacrolimus in a pediatric renal transplant population.
Academic Article Psychosocial Factors That Create Barriers to Managing Serum Phosphorus Levels in Pediatric Dialysis Patients: A Retrospective Analysis.
Academic Article Hypogammaglobulinemia in infants receiving chronic peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Influence of HLA and race on long-term cadaveric renal transplantation.
Academic Article Dialytic management of childhood acute renal failure: a survey of North American pediatric nephrologists.
Academic Article Impact of HLA DR typing by polymerase chain reaction amplification with DR beta 1 sequence-specific primers on cadaveric renal allocation.
Academic Article Incidence of a positive final antiglobulin (AHG) T-cell crossmatch in patients waiting for cadaveric renal transplantation is not influenced by race of recipient.
Academic Article Peritoneal dialysis in the neonatal period: outcome data.
Academic Article Systemic hypertension in infants with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia: associated clinical factors.
Academic Article The impact of exit-site care and catheter design on the incidence of catheter-related infections.
Academic Article Influence of an historically positive crossmatch on cadaveric renal transplantation.
Academic Article ABO-mismatched renal transplantation in children: a report of the North American Pediatric Renal Transplant Cooperative Study (NAPRTCS) and the Midwest Organ Bank (MOB).
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental outcome of children initiating peritoneal dialysis in early infancy.
Academic Article Tenckhoff catheters prove superior to cook catheters in pediatric acute peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Risk factors for mortality in infants and young children on dialysis.
Academic Article Effect of donor brain-death duration on graft outcome.
Academic Article Is growth a valid outcome measure of dialysis clearance in children undergoing peritoneal dialysis?
Academic Article Invasive pneumococcal disease and hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Academic Article Improving access to kidney transplantation without decreasing graft survival: long-term outcomes of blood group A2/A2B deceased donor kidneys in B recipients.
Academic Article Short stature and growth hormone use in pediatric hemodialysis patients.
Academic Article Prevention of peritonitis in children receiving peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Renal graft survival is not influenced by a positive flow B-cell crossmatch.
Academic Article Use of rhGH in children with chronic kidney disease: lessons from NAPRTCS.
Academic Article The short PET in pediatrics.
Academic Article Clinical significance of peripheral blood Epstein-Barr viral load monitoring using polymerase chain reaction in renal transplant recipients.
Academic Article Survival advantage of pediatric recipients of a first kidney transplant among children awaiting kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Anemia and risk of hospitalization in pediatric chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Risk for anemia in pediatric chronic kidney disease patients: a report of NAPRTCS.
Academic Article Enterococcal peritonitis in children receiving chronic peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Association between clinical risk factors and progression of chronic kidney disease in children.
Academic Article Adherence of pediatric patients to automated peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Vitamin D status of children receiving chronic dialysis.
Academic Article Paediatrics: Peritoneal dialysis for AKI--time may be of the essence.
Academic Article Long-term neurocognitive outcomes of patients with end-stage renal disease during infancy.
Academic Article Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, and Allograft Function in Children and Young Adults After Kidney Transplantation.
Academic Article Ambulatory Blood Pressure Control in Children and Young Adults After Kidney Transplantation.
Academic Article Associations Between Weight Loss, Kidney Function Decline, and Risk of ESRD in the Chronic Kidney Disease in Children (CKiD) Cohort Study.
Academic Article Use of the Kidney Failure Risk Equation to Determine the Risk of Progression to End-stage Renal Disease in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease.
Academic Article Is Blood Pressure Improving in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease? A Period Analysis.
Academic Article Outcomes of infants receiving chronic peritoneal dialysis: an analysis of the USRDS registry.
Academic Article Higher eGFR at Dialysis Initiation Is Not Associated with a Survival Benefit in Children.
Academic Article Safety of Laparoscopic Gastrostomy in Children Receiving Peritoneal Dialysis.
Academic Article Arteriovenous Buttonhole Access Cannulation in Pediatric Patients on Hemodialysis.
Academic Article Acute kidney injury in paediatric patients with sickle cell disease is associated with increased morbidity and resource utilization.
Academic Article Colostomy in children on chronic peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Aortic dilatation in children with mild to moderate chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Increased history of ischemic stroke and decreased neurocognitive performance in children with chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Characterizing the frequency of modifiable histological changes observed on surveillance biopsies in pediatric kidney allograft recipients.
Academic Article "Save the Vein" Initiative in Children With CKD: A Quality Improvement Study.
Academic Article Discordances between pediatric and adult thresholds in the diagnosis of hypertension in adolescents with CKD.
Academic Article Dialysis Outcomes for Children With Lupus Nephritis Compared to Children With Other Forms of Nephritis: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Mortality Risk Factors among Infants Receiving Dialysis in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Academic Article Association Between Dialysis Facility Ownership and Access to the Waiting List and Transplant in Pediatric Patients With End-stage Kidney Disease in the US.
Academic Article The cost of hospitalizations for treatment of hemodialysis catheter-associated blood stream infections in children: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Training practices and peritonitis rates in children on maintenance peritoneal dialysis: results from the Standardizing Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric End Stage Kidney Disease (SCOPE) collaborative.
Academic Article Assessment of potential peritonitis risk factors in pediatric patients receiving maintenance peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Real-world evidence on the dosing and safety of C.E.R.A. in pediatric dialysis patients: findings from the International Pediatric Dialysis Network registries.
Academic Article Association Between Dialysis Facility Ownership and Mortality Risk in Children With Kidney Failure.

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