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Concept HLA Antigens
Concept HLA-DQ Antigens
Concept HLA-DR Antigens
Concept HLA-A Antigens
Concept HLA-B Antigens
Concept HLA-C Antigens
Concept HLA-DRB1 Chains
Academic Article Influence of HLA and race on long-term cadaveric renal transplantation.
Academic Article Impact of HLA DR typing by polymerase chain reaction amplification with DR beta 1 sequence-specific primers on cadaveric renal allocation.
Academic Article Detection of HLA IgG antibodies by two enzyme-linked immunoassays, solubilized HLA class I and PRA-STAT. Comparison with the AHG PRA.
Academic Article Do African-Americans wait longer for a kidney because of HLA class I antibody specificities and panel-reactive antibody sensitization?
Academic Article HLA-DR and DQ typing by polymerase chain reaction using sequence-specific primer mixes reduces the incidence of phenotypic homozygosity (blanks) over serology.
Academic Article Successful cadaveric renal transplantation of patients highly sensitized to HLA Class I antigens.
Academic Article Cold ischemia time: an independent predictor of increased HLA class I antibody production after rejection of a primary cadaveric renal allograft.
Academic Article IgM antibodies identified by a DTT-ameliorated positive crossmatch do not influence renal graft outcome but the strength of the IgM lymphocytotoxicity is associated with DR phenotype.
Academic Article HLA points assigned in cadaveric kidney allocation should be revisited: an analysis of HLA class II molecularly typed patients and donors.
Academic Article ABO blood group influences a candidate's likelihood of receiving an HLA zero antigen mismatch kidney.
Academic Article Transplantation of A2 and A2B kidneys from deceased donors into B waiting list candidates increases their transplantation rate.
Academic Article Successful renal transplantation despite low levels of donor-specific HLA class I antibody without IVIg or plasmapheresis.
Academic Article Sharing kidneys across donor-service area boundaries with sensitized candidates can be influenced by HLA C.
Academic Article The clinical impact of humoral immunity in pediatric renal transplantation.
Academic Article Donor selection in pediatric kidney transplantation using DR and DQ eplet mismatching: A new histocompatibility paradigm.

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