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Concept ABO Blood-Group System
Concept Blood Group Incompatibility
Concept Kidd Blood-Group System
Concept Rh-Hr Blood-Group System
Academic Article Stratification and successful transplantation of patients awaiting ABO-incompatible (A2 into B and O) transplantation by A-isoagglutinin-titer phenogroup.
Academic Article Ten-year experience in transplantation of A2 kidneys into B and O recipients.
Academic Article Influence of the Rh (D) blood group system on graft survival in renal transplantation.
Academic Article Transplantation rate of the blood group B waiting list is increased by using A2 and A2B kidneys.
Academic Article ABO-mismatched renal transplantation in children: a report of the North American Pediatric Renal Transplant Cooperative Study (NAPRTCS) and the Midwest Organ Bank (MOB).
Academic Article Increased access to transplantation for blood group B cadaveric waiting list candidates by using A2 kidneys: time for a new national system?
Academic Article ABO blood group influences a candidate's likelihood of receiving an HLA zero antigen mismatch kidney.
Academic Article Improving access to kidney transplantation without decreasing graft survival: long-term outcomes of blood group A2/A2B deceased donor kidneys in B recipients.
Academic Article Transplantation of A2 and A2B kidneys from deceased donors into B waiting list candidates increases their transplantation rate.
Academic Article Successful renal transplantation despite low levels of donor-specific HLA class I antibody without IVIg or plasmapheresis.
Academic Article Plasma cell-rich acute cellular rejection of a transplanted kidney associated with antibody to the red cell Kidd antigen.
Academic Article Long-term survival of kidneys transplanted from live A2 donors to O and B recipients.
Academic Article Additional case of acute cellular kidney rejection associated with the presence of antibodies to the red blood cell Kidd antigen.

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