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Academic Article A survey of genetic and epigenetic variation affecting human gene expression.
Academic Article Mapping cis-acting regulatory variation in recombinant congenic strains.
Academic Article Systematic assessment of the human osteoblast transcriptome in resting and induced primary cells.
Academic Article Population genomics in a disease targeted primary cell model.
Academic Article Genome-wide allele-specific analysis: insights into regulatory variation.
Academic Article Computational analysis of whole-genome differential allelic expression data in human.
Academic Article Genome-wide assessment of imprinted expression in human cells.
Academic Article Characterization of functional methylomes by next-generation capture sequencing identifies novel disease-associated variants.
Academic Article Whole-genome sequencing identifies EN1 as a determinant of bone density and fracture.
Academic Article Immunoseq: the identification of functionally relevant variants through targeted capture and sequencing of active regulatory regions in human immune cells.
Academic Article Optimizing ChIP-seq peak detectors using visual labels and supervised machine learning.
Academic Article Are Data Sharing and Privacy Protection Mutually Exclusive?
Academic Article Conserved expression of transposon-derived non-coding transcripts in primate stem cells.
Academic Article Genomic prediction of relapse in recipients of allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
Academic Article Asthma-associated polymorphisms in 17q12-21 locus modulate methylation and gene expression of GSDMA in na?ve CD4+ T cells.
Academic Article Paired rRNA-depleted and polyA-selected RNA sequencing data and supporting multi-omics data from human T cells.
Academic Article Genomic answers for children: Dynamic analyses of >1000 pediatric rare disease genomes.
Academic Article Massively parallel identification of functionally consequential noncoding genetic variants in undiagnosed rare disease patients.
Academic Article The post-diagnostics world: charting a path for pediatric genomic medicine in the twenty-first century.
Academic Article Insurance denials and diagnostic rates in a pediatric genomic research cohort.

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