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research overview Dr. Dana Bakula is a Pediatric Psychologist at Children’s Mercy Kansas City in the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition. Her research interests center around the relationship between parent and child wellbeing among children with feeding disorders and other complex medical conditions. She is particularly interested in interventions that promote parent mental health as a mechanism to improve parent and child wellbeing. She is currently funded by a KL2 Career Development Award to conduct research on the benefits of brief parent mental health interventions in pediatric settings.

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Academic Article Illness uncertainty and illness intrusiveness as predictors of depressive and anxious symptomology in college students with chronic illnesses.
Academic Article The Role of Grit in College Student Health Care Management Skills and Health-Related Quality of Life.
Academic Article Psychological Adjustment of Parents of Children Born with Atypical Genitalia 1 Year after Genitoplasty.
Academic Article Recommendations for the Establishment of Disorders/Differences of Sex Development Interdisciplinary Care Clinics for Youth.
Academic Article Grit, Illness-Related Distress, and Psychosocial Outcomes in College Students With a Chronic Medical Condition: A Path Analysis.
Academic Article JPP Student Journal Club Commentary: Stress, Conflict, and the Family System in Pediatric Cancer.
Academic Article Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Mishel Uncertainty in Illness Scale Among Adolescents and Young Adults With Chronic Medical Conditions.
Academic Article Post traumatic stress symptoms in parents of children with cancer: A mediation model.
Academic Article Transition readiness: The linkage between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and health-related quality of life.
Academic Article Parent-Rated Severity of Illness and Anxiety among Caregivers of Children Born with a Disorder of Sex Development Including Ambiguous Genitalia.
Academic Article The Role of Stigma in the Relationship Between Illness Intrusiveness and Adjustment in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Path Model.
Academic Article The Role of Grit in Health Care Management Skills and Health-related Quality of Life in College Students with Chronic Medical Conditions.
Academic Article Uncertainty and Posttraumatic Stress: Differences Between Mothers and Fathers of Infants with Disorders of Sex Development.
Academic Article Adverse Childhood Experiences and Chronic Medical Conditions: Emotion Dysregulation as a Mediator of Adjustment.
Academic Article Featured Article: The Relationship Between Parent and Child Distress in Pediatric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article Barriers to care in pediatric cancer: The role of illness uncertainty in relation to parent psychological distress.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Parent Distress and Child Quality of Life in Pediatric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article Adapting Pediatric Medical Homes for Youth in Foster Care: Extensions of the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines.
Academic Article Psychological adjustment outcomes among pediatric brain tumor survivors: A meta-analysis.
Academic Article Illness Uncertainty Longitudinally Predicts Distress Among Caregivers of Children Born With DSD.
Academic Article Health Care Utilization, Transition Readiness, and Quality of Life: A Latent Class Analysis.
Academic Article Transition readiness and quality of life in emerging adult college students.
Academic Article Key predictors of the need for a family-focused pediatric epilepsy adherence intervention.
Academic Article The impact of COVID-19 on rural treatment-seeking families with children with overweight or obesity.
Grant Parent Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Parents of Children with Pediatric Feeding Disorder Pilot Study
Academic Article Illness stigma, health anxiety, illness intrusiveness, and depressive symptoms in adolescents and young adults: A path model
Academic Article Adverse childhood experiences: Non-medical trauma in the context of pediatric illness
Academic Article The Relationship of Illness Uncertainty and Rumination to Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Parents of Children with Cancer: A Mediation Model
Academic Article Posttraumatic Stress Symptomology in Parents of Children with Cancer: Implications Related to Criterion Changes in DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5
Academic Article Pediatric Tube Weaning: A Meta-Analysis of Factors Contributing to Success.
Academic Article Parent psychosocial adjustment to inpatient pediatric rehabilitation, and the role of uncertainty and self-care.
Academic Article Addressing Barriers to Career Development Awards for Early Career Women in Pediatric Psychology.
Grant Leveraging mHealth care model for pediatric enteral feeding tube weaning: CHAMP For the Feeder
Academic Article Depressive Symptoms, Cannabis Use, and Transition Readiness among College Students with and without Chronic Medical Conditions.

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