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Academic Article Reduced clinic, emergency room, and hospital utilization after home environmental assessment and case management.
Academic Article Hourly variation of airborne ragweed pollen in Kansas City.
Academic Article Pediatric asthma: a look at adherence from the patient and family perspective.
Academic Article Developing a risk stratification model for predicting future health care use in asthmatic children.
Academic Article Atopic dermatitis: a practice parameter update 2012.
Academic Article Managing food allergies in schools.
Academic Article Exposure and Health Effects of Fungi on Humans.
Academic Article Treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis: An evidence-based focused 2017 guideline update.
Academic Article Impact of weather and climate change with indoor and outdoor air quality in asthma: A Work Group Report of the AAAAI Environmental Exposure and Respiratory Health Committee.
Academic Article Patient Carrying Time, Confidence, and Training with Epinephrine Autoinjectors: The RACE Survey.
Academic Article Infant pulmonary hemorrhage in a suburban home with water damage and mold (Stachybotrys atra).
Academic Article The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown of Telemedicine in Asthma and Allergy Practice.
Academic Article Telemedicine for General Pediatrics.
Academic Article Telemedicine and emerging technologies for health care in allergy/immunology.
Academic Article Clinical relevance of spore and pollen counts.
Academic Article Modification of provider behavior to achieve improved asthma outcomes.
Academic Article Development of an asthma disease management program in a children's hospital.
Academic Article A Phased Approach to Resuming Suspended Allergy/Immunology Clinical Services.
Academic Article Health effects of indoor fungi.
Academic Article Sampling for indoor fungi: what the clinician needs to know.
Academic Article A Review of Patient and Provider Satisfaction with Telemedicine.
Academic Article Utilization patterns in an asthma intervention.
Academic Article Outcome measures for asthma disease management.
Academic Article Digital Health Technology in Asthma: A Comprehensive Scoping Review.
Academic Article Use of dilute sodium hypochlorite spray and home cleaning to reduce indoor allergen levels and improve asthma health parameters.
Academic Article Asthma control is enhanced when health plans and providers cooperate.
Academic Article Low-cost interventions improve indoor air quality and children's health.
Academic Article Strategies for improving asthma outcomes: a case-based review of successes and pitfalls.
Academic Article The Regulatory Environment of Telemedicine After COVID-19.
Academic Article Computer-Assisted Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment.
Academic Article Telemedicine beyond the pandemic: challenges in the pediatric immunology clinic.

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