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Academic Article Reduced clinic, emergency room, and hospital utilization after home environmental assessment and case management.
Academic Article C-reactive protein in acute pulmonary exacerbations of patients with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Developing a risk stratification model for predicting future health care use in asthmatic children.
Academic Article Desensitization to pegaspargase in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and lymphoblastic lymphoma.
Academic Article Administering influenza vaccine to egg allergic recipients: a focused practice parameter update.
Academic Article Adverse reactions to vaccines practice parameter 2012 update.
Academic Article Efficacy of a parent-youth teamwork intervention to promote adherence in pediatric asthma.
Academic Article Managing food allergies in schools.
Academic Article Current treatment options for idiopathic angioedema.
Academic Article Is it time for asthma action plan apps?
Academic Article Pharmacologic Treatment of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis: Synopsis of Guidance From the 2017 Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters.
Academic Article Chest pain in otherwise healthy children and adolescents is frequently caused by exercise-induced asthma.
Academic Article Methotrexate treatment of severe asthma in children.
Academic Article Incidence of systemic reactions during rush immunotherapy.
Academic Article Continuous nebulization for status asthmaticus.
Academic Article Separation of Alternaria into protein and carbohydrate fractions with phenyl sepharose.
Academic Article Affinity purification of a major Alternaria allergen using a monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article An unusual combination of immunologic abnormalities in a patient with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis.
Academic Article Continuous terbutaline nebulization for the treatment of severe exacerbations of asthma in children.
Academic Article Intractable sneezing with a specific psychogenic origin.
Academic Article Premedication reduces the incidence of systemic reactions during inhalant rush immunotherapy with mixtures of allergenic extracts.
Academic Article Rush immunotherapy: experience with a one-day schedule.
Academic Article AR101 Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy.
Academic Article Patient Carrying Time, Confidence, and Training with Epinephrine Autoinjectors: The RACE Survey.
Academic Article The Medical Virtualist: Is Pediatric Patient Care Using Telemedicine, a New Specialty?
Academic Article Efficacy of a single diagnostic test for sensitization to common inhalant allergens.
Academic Article Immunotherapy for allergic diseases.
Academic Article Allergen immunotherapy.
Academic Article Telemedicine for General Pediatrics.
Academic Article Are our impressions of allergy test performances correct?
Academic Article Recent advances in asthma management.
Academic Article The impact of home cleaning on quality of life for homes with asthmatic children.
Academic Article New types of immunotherapy in children.
Academic Article Home and school environmental assessment and remediation.
Academic Article Low-cost interventions improve indoor air quality and children's health.
Academic Article Double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of reformulated azelastine nasal spray in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis.
Academic Article Adverse reactions to vaccines.
Academic Article Continuous and Daily Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy: Results from a 2-Year Open-Label Follow-On Study.
Academic Article Future Directions of Allergen Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis: Experts' Perspective.

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