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Concept Hospitalization
Academic Article Variation in Care and Clinical Outcomes in Children Hospitalized With Orbital Cellulitis.
Academic Article Prevalence and Trends in Obesity Among Hospitalized Children.
Academic Article Childhood obesity and in-hospital asthma resource utilization.
Academic Article Association of Income Inequality With Pediatric Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions.
Academic Article Urban-Rural Residence and Child Physical Abuse Hospitalizations: A National Incidence Study.
Academic Article Room Costs for Common Pediatric Hospitalizations and Cost-Reducing Quality Initiatives.
Academic Article Socioeconomic Status and Hospitalization Costs for Children with Brain and Spinal Cord Injury.
Academic Article Hospitalizations of Low-Income Children and Children With Severe Health Conditions: Implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Caregiver Opinion of In-Hospital Screening for Unmet Social Needs by Pediatric Residents.
Academic Article Failure to Thrive Hospitalizations and Risk Factors for Readmission to Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article Health Care Expenditures and Utilization for Children With Noncomplex Chronic Disease.
Academic Article The Effect of Lowering Public Insurance Income Limits on Hospitalizations for Low-Income Children.
Academic Article Newborn Risk Factors for Subsequent Physical Abuse Hospitalizations.
Academic Article Care of Pediatric High-Cost Hospitalizations Across Hospital Types.
Academic Article Longitudinal Trends in Costs for Hospitalizations at Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article Variation in Care and Clinical Outcomes Among Infants Hospitalized With Hyperbilirubinemia.
Academic Article Hospitalization Outcomes for Rural Children with Mental Health Conditions.
Academic Article Associations Between Obesity and Use for Pediatric Hospitalizations.
Academic Article Readmissions Following Hospitalization for Infection in Children With or Without Medical Complexity.
Academic Article Observation Status Stays With Low Resource Use Within Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article The Child Opportunity Index 2.0 and Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions.

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