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research overview Dr. Laroche is a combined Internal Medicine/Pediatric Physician and a child and adult weight management specialist. Her research focuses on community and family approaches to obesity prevention and treatment. She works in partnership with community-based organizations to design interventions for families. These interventions support healthy behaviors while also addressing the social needs and circumstances that influence those behaviors. She has also done research on interventions in micro-environments to improve dietary behaviors including concession stands and cafeterias and research on how parents and children influence one another's health behaviors. She is also working with other weight management physicians on research to improve weight management treatment for children and address weight stigma. Recently she has also been researching how best to connect patients to community resources to address social determinants of health.

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Academic Article Patient Engagement and Attitudes Toward Using the Electronic Medical Record for Medical Research: The 2015 Greater Plains Collaborative Health and Medical Research Family Survey.
Academic Article What about the children? The experience of families involved in an adult-focused diabetes intervention.
Academic Article When adults with diabetes attempt to drink less soda: resulting adult-child interactions and household changes.
Academic Article Children's roles in parents' diabetes self-management.
Academic Article Changes in diet behavior when adults become parents.
Academic Article Weight gain among men and women who have a child enter their home.
Academic Article Concession stand makeovers: a pilot study of offering healthy foods at high school concession stands.
Academic Article Marriage and parenthood in relation to obesogenic neighborhood trajectories: The CARDIA study.
Academic Article Healthy Concessions: High School Students' Responses to Healthy Concession Stand Changes.
Academic Article Extending Work on Rural Health Disparities: A Commentary on Matthews and Colleagues' Report.
Academic Article Calibration of the global physical activity questionnaire to Accelerometry measured physical activity and sedentary behavior.
Academic Article Active Ottumwa: Adapting Evidence-Based Recommendations to Promote Physical Activity in a Micropolitan New Destination Community.
Academic Article Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) position statement: SBM urges Congress to preserve and extend funding for Medicaid services.
Academic Article Is There a Spillover Effect of Targeted Dietary Change on Untargeted Health Behaviors? Evidence From a Dietary Modification Trial.
Academic Article Society of Behavioral Medicine Position Statement: Congress should protect immigrants seeking health care.
Academic Article Diet and physical activity changes among low-income families: perspectives of mothers and their children.
Academic Article On the joint role of non-Hispanic Black race/ethnicity and weight status in predicting postmenopausal weight gain.
Academic Article The Food Box Pilot.
Academic Article Identifying the Social Determinants of Treated Hypertension in New and Established Latino Destination States.
Academic Article Value of cognitive interviewing in the development of the weight stigma in healthcare inventory.
Academic Article Prospective associations of neighborhood healthy food access and walkability with weight status in a regional pediatric health system.
Academic Article The Association Between State Characteristics and Latinx People's Treated Hypertension in Established and New Latinx Destination States: A Multilevel Analysis.
Grant Communities Leading Change: Advancing Black and Latino Capacity to Create Nutrition and Physical Activity Environmental and Systems Change

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