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preferred title Physician and Interim Division Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapeutic Innovation
research overview Jonathan Wagner, DO, FAAP, graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry with cum laude latin honors from the University of Missouri-Columbia and received his medical degree with magna cum laude honors from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. He completed pediatrics residency at Children’s Mercy, followed by a dual fellowship training in pediatric cardiology and pediatric clinical pharmacology. Dr. Wagner joined our faculty in 2013. His early career research involved the impact of genetic variation and development on statin disposition during childhood. His series of pharmacogenomics driven pharmacokinetic studies involving statins has contributed to further understanding of inter-individual variability of statin response in the pediatric population. Dr. Wagner has served as a site-primary investigator for the Fontan Udenafil Exercise Longitudinal (FUEL) and Fontan Associated Liver Disease (FALD) trials sponsored by the Pediatric Heart Network (NHLBI). He is director of the Cardiology Pharmacogenomics Repository (CPR) at Children’s Mercy Kansas City (CMKC). Dr. Wagner has been honored as a finalist for the 2016 AHA Scientific Sessions Council of Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Early Career Award and the CMKC Department of Pediatrics Research Achievement Award in 2018. He has received over 2.5 million dollars in external funding from the American Heart Association, Thrasher Research Fund, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support his research programs involving pediatric cardiovascular disease and pediatric clinical pharmacology. His NIH funding from the Frontiers KL2 Clinical and Transitional Mentored Career Development Award has supported his Statin Optimization in Pediatrics program. More recently, he was awarded the E.W. "Al" Thrasher Established Investigator Award for his work exploring the effects of pediatric liver adiposity on statin disposition and response. Dr. Wagner serves on the Advisory Council on Rare Disease and Personalized Medicine for Missouri Health Net division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. He is a member of the American Heart Association (AHA) Kansas City Board of Directors and remains involved in the State of Kansas AHA Advocacy Committee. He has presented at multiple local and national meetings, has over 25 peer-review publications, authored several books chapters and serves as an editorial board member of Clinical and Translational Sciences. Dr. Wagner currently serves as the Division Director of Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Innovation and remains an active member of the Ward Family Heart Center involved in cardiovascular intensive care, congenital heart disease and cardiovascular genetics. Dr. Wagner’s passion involves clinical integration of pharmacogenomics and precision medicine into routine cardiovascular care, but his true passion is spending quality time with his wife (Margo) and 2 boys (Oliver and Teddy) when not busy at work.

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Academic Article Pediatric pharmacogenomics: a systematic assessment of ontogeny and genetic variation to guide the design of statin studies in children.
Academic Article Quantification of pravastatin acid, lactone and isomers in human plasma by UHPLC-MS/MS and its application to a pediatric pharmacokinetic study.
Academic Article Impact of SLCO1B1 Genotype on Pediatric Simvastatin Acid Pharmacokinetics.
Academic Article Pediatric pharmacokinetics.
Academic Article Oseltamivir-warfarin interaction in hypoplastic left heart syndrome: case report and review.
Academic Article Pediatric Statin Administration: Navigating a Frontier with Limited Data.
Academic Article Considerations for Implementing Precision Therapeutics for Children.
Academic Article Impact of Genetic Variation on Pravastatin Systemic Exposure in Pediatric Hypercholesterolemia.
Academic Article Drug Dose Selection in Pediatric Obesity: Available Information for the Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs to Children.
Academic Article Impact of SLCO1B1 Genetic Variation on Rosuvastatin Systemic Exposure in Pediatric Hypercholesterolemia.
Academic Article A Rare Case of Vascular Ring and Coarctation of the Aorta in Association with CHARGE Syndrome.
Academic Article Children Are Not Small Adults: Specific Findings in Statin Exposure and Response in a Growing Population.
Academic Article Results of the FUEL Trial.
Grant Statin Optimization in Pediatrics
Grant Cardiology Pharmacogenomics Repository
Grant Pharmacokinetics of pravastatin and simvastatin in pediatric dyslipidemia patients: Clinical impact of genetic variation in statin disposition
Grant Statin Therapy in Children: Mitochondrial and Physical Function
Grant Pharmacokinetics of pravastatin and simvastatin in pediatric dyslipidemia patients: Clinical impact of genetic variation in statin disposition
Grant Pharmacokinetics of pravastatin and simvastatin in pediatric dyslipidemia patients: Clinical impact of genetic variation in statin disposition
Grant Fontan Udenafil Exercise Longitudinal (FUEL) Assessment Trial
Grant Pharmacokinetics of rosuvastatin and atorvastatin in pediatric dyslipidemia patients: Clinical impact of genetic variation in statin disposition
Academic Article Genomics and Precision Medicine to Direct Statin Use in the Young.
Academic Article Critical need for pharmacologic treatment options in NAFLD: A pediatric perspective.
Academic Article Efficacy of Weight Reduction on Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Opportunities to Improve Treatment Outcomes Through Pharmacotherapy.
Award or Honor Receipt Department of Pediatrics Research Achievement Award
Award or Honor Receipt Mary Colleen Alderman Excellence in Pediatric Finalist
Grant Effects of Pediatric Liver Adiposity on Statin Disposition and Response
Grant Children’s Mercy Hospital Collaborative Fellowship Program in Pediatric Pharmacology
Academic Article SLCO1B1 Pharmacogenetics in Pediatrics
Academic Article In Tsongalis G eds. Advances in Molecular Pathology
Academic Article Peak Oxygen Consumption (VO2peak) Recovery Delay in a Pediatric Fontan Population.
Academic Article Case report: Use of therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacogenetic testing as opportunities to individualize care in a case of flecainide toxicity after fetal supraventricular tachycardia.

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