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research overview Dr. Lane’s research program focuses upon on how perinatal events affect in vivo epigenetic determinants of gene expression and lead to adult disease. In 1996, Dr. Lane published his first original science manuscript on this focus, and he has remained committed to the topic. Indeed, the vast majority of his > 90 publications are devoted to how perinatal events lead to adult disease. In 2003, Dr. Lane published his first original science manuscript on how perinatal events impact in vivo epigenetics. This study stands among the earliest to demonstrate that a perinatal event affected the epigenetics of a specific gene. Dr. Lane also has a track record of NIH funding as P.I. and a Co-I, the latter demonstrating his willingness to enthusiastically engage in team science. In 2013, Dr. Lane accepted the position of Pediatrician in Chief and Chair of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. This move required Dr. Lane to move his laboratory. Yet, despite the move and the job requirements, Dr. Lane has maintained his scholarly productivity. In 2020, Dr. Lane accepted the position of Executive Vice President /Physician in Chief at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City. Dr. Lane has actively participated in the US Developmental Origins and Health and Disease Society. He has served as the scientific program officer for 2018 and 2019. In 2019, he was elected President of the Society. Dr. Lane’s laboratory has continued to be productive scientifically publishing papers in 2018 and 2019. Dr. Lane also chaired the NIH Social Epigenomics Study Section in 2020. His laboratory will move from Milwaukee to Kansas City in 6/2020 pending the impact of COVID-19.

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Grant Uteroplacental Insufficiency Alters DNA Methylation
Grant Maternal Diet Modifies the Fetal Primate Epigenome and Circadian Gene Expression
Academic Article Uteroplacental insufficiency alters hepatic fatty acid-metabolizing enzymes in juvenile and adult rats.
Academic Article Uteroplacental insufficiency alters nephrogenesis and downregulates cyclooxygenase-2 expression in a model of IUGR with adult-onset hypertension.
Academic Article In utero tobacco exposure is associated with modified effects of maternal factors on fetal growth.
Academic Article Nasal ventilation alters mesenchymal cell turnover and improves alveolarization in preterm lambs.
Academic Article The developmental origins of adult disease.
Academic Article Mechanical-tactile stimulation (MTS) intervention in a neonatal stress model alters adult adipose tissue deposition and prevents hyperinsulinemia in male rats.
Academic Article Guidelines for surgeons on establishing projects in low-income countries.
Academic Article Maternal tobacco smoke increased visceral adiposity and serum corticosterone levels in adult male rat offspring.
Academic Article Altered expression and chromatin structure of the hippocampal IGF1r gene is associated with impaired hippocampal function in the adult IUGR male rat.
Academic Article Fetal programming, epigenetics, and adult onset disease.
Academic Article Epigenetic contributions to the developmental origins of adult lung disease.
Academic Article Resistance strength training exercise in children with spinal muscular atrophy.
Academic Article Adverse maternal environment leads to cardiac fibrosis in adult male mice.
Academic Article Mentoring and the development of the physician-scientist.
Award or Honor Receipt Pediatric Scientist Training Fellowship Award

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