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Concept Lung Diseases
Academic Article Measurement of GLUT mRNA in liver of fetal and neonatal rats using a novel method of quantitative polymerase chain reaction.
Academic Article Localization and quantification of glucose transporters in liver of growth-retarded fetal and neonatal rats.
Academic Article Uteroplacental insufficiency affects epigenetic determinants of chromatin structure in brains of neonatal and juvenile IUGR rats.
Academic Article Basic and translational research in neonatal pharmacology.
Academic Article Uteroplacental insufficiency decreases p53 serine-15 phosphorylation in term IUGR rat lungs.
Academic Article Nasal ventilation alters mesenchymal cell turnover and improves alveolarization in preterm lambs.
Academic Article IUGR decreases PPAR? and SETD8 Expression in neonatal rat lung and these effects are ameliorated by maternal DHA supplementation.
Academic Article Mechanical-tactile stimulation (MTS) during neonatal stress prevents hyperinsulinemia despite stress-induced adiposity in weanling rat pups.
Academic Article Mechanism of reduced lung injury by high-frequency nasal ventilation in a preterm lamb model of neonatal chronic lung disease.
Academic Article Epigenetics and the developmental origins of lung disease.
Academic Article Mechanical-tactile stimulation (MTS) intervention in a neonatal stress model improves long-term outcomes on bone.
Academic Article Mechanical-tactile stimulation (MTS) intervention in a neonatal stress model alters adult adipose tissue deposition and prevents hyperinsulinemia in male rats.
Academic Article Effects of oxygen on the development and severity of retinopathy of prematurity.
Academic Article Epigenetic contributions to the developmental origins of adult lung disease.
Grant Epigenetics Participate in Neonatal CLD

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