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Concept Communication
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Concept Patient Education as Topic
Concept Interdisciplinary Communication
Academic Article Patient Attendance and Outcomes in a Structured Weight Management Program.
Academic Article Adherence With Multiple National Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations in a Large Pediatric Center Electronic Health Record and Reduced Risk of Obesity.
Academic Article Obesity: influence on length of hospital stay for the pediatric burn patient.
Academic Article Community Healthcare and Technology to Enhance Communication in Pediatric Obesity Care.
Academic Article Patient engagement and attrition in pediatric obesity clinics and programs: results and recommendations.
Academic Article Parent perspectives on attrition from tertiary care pediatric weight management programs.
Academic Article Expectations for Treatment in Pediatric Weight Management and Relationship to Attrition.
Academic Article Parents and pediatric weight management attrition: experiences and recommendations.
Academic Article Childhood Obesity in the State of Missouri: A Review for Providers to Counsel and Treat Patients.
Academic Article 'Weighing in' on childhood obesity.
Academic Article It takes a Village: Views of the Expert Exchange Workgroup on Childhood Obesity about Community-Health Care Communication and Technology to Enhance Comprehensive Pediatric Obesity Care
Academic Article Adoption of an Electronic Medical Record Tool for Childhood Obesity by Primary Care Providers.
Grant War of Attrition: Predicting Dropout from Pediatric Weight Management

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