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preferred title Director, Molecular Oncology, Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine
research overview As a molecular pathologist, Dr. Farooqi interprets clinical genetic testing results for both pediatric and adult patients in the setting of inherited disease and oncology, including whole exome sequencing and tumor somatic profiling. His clinical interests involve the development of new clinical diagnostic tests, especially for pediatric oncology. His research interests include epigenetic profiling and single cell sequencing of pediatric liquid and solid tumors. Dr. Farooqi works closely with Dr. Erin Guest and other researchers at the Genomic Medicine Center (GMC). The scientists in the GMC have extensive experience in all aspects of sequencing and have supported two clinical trials studying leukemia in children and infants—T2016-003 and AALL0631—by performing and analyzing whole genome, whole exome, bulk RNA, whole genome bisulfite, single cell, and long read sequencing of patient samples in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The research team will be performing similar work for two current trials: AALL15P1 (studying infant leukemia) and NCT02789228 (studying multi-antigen specific lymphocytes for the treatment of pediatric solid tumors); Dr. Farooqi is the Principal Investigator for the sequencing project supporting NCT02789228. He is also the Principal Investigator for a grant from the National Cancer Institute centered around sequence data sharing from pediatric tumors in support of the nationwide Childhood Cancer Data Initiative. Dr. Farooqi looks forward to additional collaborative sequencing projects, especially in the areas of pediatric oncology and cancer immunotherapy.

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