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Academic Article Relative value units correlate with pediatric surgeons' operating time: when perceived myth becomes reality.
Academic Article Esophageal foreign bodies in the pediatric population: our first 500 cases.
Academic Article Financial impact of in-house attending surgeon: a prospective study.
Academic Article Analysis of the pediatric surgery match: factors predicting outcome.
Academic Article A comparison of chest tubes versus bulb-suction drains in pediatric thoracic surgery.
Academic Article A financial analysis of pediatric laparoscopic versus open fundoplication.
Academic Article Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the pediatric population.
Academic Article Single-incision laparoscopic surgery in children: initial single-center experience.
Academic Article Effect of timing of cannulation on outcome for pediatric extracorporeal life support.
Academic Article Ghost publications in the pediatric surgery match.
Academic Article Demographic disparities of children presenting with symptomatic Meckel's diverticulum in children's hospitals.
Academic Article Preface.
Academic Article Pediatric Gastrostomy Tube Placement: Lessons Learned from High-performing Institutions through Structured Interviews.
Academic Article Aggressive metastasectomy for pulmonic sarcomatous metastases: a follow-up study.
Academic Article Significance of chest trauma in children.
Academic Article Pediatric appendicitis: state of the art review.
Academic Article Effect of pediatric surgical practice on the treatment of children with appendicitis.
Academic Article Case Volume and Revisits in Children Undergoing Gastrostomy Tube Placement.
Academic Article Alternatives to Appendectomy for Acute Appendicitis.
Academic Article Temporal geomapping of pediatric surgeons in the United States.
Academic Article Opioids and Operations.
Academic Article Bleeding Children.
Academic Article Reverend Bayes and Appendicitis.
Academic Article Aggressive multiple metastasectomy for metastatic bone sarcoma
Academic Article Management of pediatric solid tumors. In Najarian J.S. and Delany J.P. (eds):
Academic Article Miscellaneous pediatric tumors. In Ashcraft, KW and Holder, TM (eds)
Academic Article Meckel’s diverticulum Ch 76 in Pediatric Surgery, 5th ed
Academic Article Pediatric Surgery, 3rd Ed
Academic Article Ascites
Academic Article Meckel's diverticulum. In: Pediatric Surgery, 6th ed. Edited by J. Grosfeld, J. O'Neill, A. Coran et al
Academic Article Seminars in Pediatric Surgery
Academic Article Impact of Suture Type on Stricture Formation Following Repair of Esophageal Atresia
Academic Article Fluid management for the pediatric surgical patient. E Medicine [Internet]
Academic Article In: Ashcraft's Pediatric Surgery, 5th ed. Holcomb GW III, Murphy JP, eds
Academic Article Meckel's diverticulum . In: Pediatric Surgery, 7th ed. Coran AG, Shamberger R, Krummel T, Leberge JM, Caldemone A, eds
Academic Article Analysis of adverse events in pediatric surgery
Academic Article The Utility of Long-term Propranolol in Pediatric Burn Patients
Academic Article Fluid Management for the Pediatric Surgical Patient
Academic Article In Ashcraft's Pediatric Surgery, 6th ed. Holcomb GW III, Murphy JP, Ostlie DO, eds
Academic Article Diseases of the Pleural Space. in Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery, 2nd edition. Mattei P, Muratore C, Nichols P, Rollins M, eds
Academic Article Common Problems in Pediatric Surgery
Academic Article APSA Informatics and Telemedicine Committee. Telemedicine in pediatric surgery
Academic Article Pediatric Surgery 5th Ed
Academic Article Pediatric Surgery, 3rd Ed
Academic Article Pediatric Surgery, 3rd Ed
Academic Article Review of radiation risks from computed tomography: essentials for the pediatric surgeon
Academic Article Analyzing a follow-up needs assessment: Increased use of internet-based APSA educational programs by pediatric surgeons.
Academic Article Ligament of Treitz Release With Duodenal Lowering for Pediatric Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome.
Academic Article Same-day discharge for pediatric laparoscopic gastrostomy.

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