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research overview Dr. Goggin’s research program focuses on understanding the biopsychosocial predictors of health behavior change and the development and testing of interventions to improve health and health behaviors. For over two decades, she has conducted community engaged health research, including leading numerous large intervention studies focused on primary and secondary prevention, medication adherence, and biopsychosocial predictors of health behavior change. These collaborative efforts included patients, parents, providers, and other stakeholders throughout each phase to impact health outcomes in a variety of settings, including faith- and community-based organizations, along with healthcare settings. Dr. Goggin has extensive expertise in employing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing strategies for health behavior change, and have trained different types of providers from varied settings both in the US and sub-Saharan Africa. She has led or collaborated on numerous randomized clinical trials exploring the efficacy of multi-level interventions to improve patients’ willingness to consider making health behavior changes that they are not currently interested in addressing like testing and linage to care, reducing sexual risk behaviors, smoking cessation, re-engaging in care, and diabetes prevention and management. Many of her studies focus on improving patient/parent – provider communication and system level interventions to improve patient outcomes.

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Concept Activities of Daily Living
Concept Adaptation, Psychological
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Alcohol Drinking
Concept Artificial Intelligence
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Behavior Therapy
Concept Bisexuality
Concept Child Behavior
Concept Choice Behavior
Concept Communication
Concept Community-Institutional Relations
Concept Contraception Behavior
Concept Cooperative Behavior
Concept Cost-Benefit Analysis
Concept Data Collection
Concept Diffusion of Innovation
Concept Family Planning Services
Concept Fertility
Concept Food Preferences
Concept Gender Identity
Concept Infant Care
Concept Information Systems
Concept Interpersonal Relations
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Life Change Events
Concept Life Style
Concept Medical Records
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Patient Compliance
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Practice Patterns, Physicians'
Concept Pregnancy in Adolescence
Concept Professional-Patient Relations
Concept Psychomotor Performance
Concept Surveys and Questionnaires
Concept Referral and Consultation
Concept Risk-Taking
Concept Self Concept
Concept Self Disclosure
Concept Sexual Behavior
Concept Sick Role
Concept Smoking
Concept Social Support
Concept Suicide
Concept Systems Analysis
Concept Task Performance and Analysis
Concept Telephone
Concept Truth Disclosure
Concept Program Evaluation
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Exercise
Concept Treatment Refusal
Concept Parenting
Concept Smoking Cessation
Concept Program Development
Concept Intergenerational Relations
Concept Condoms
Concept Homosexuality, Male
Concept Sexuality
Concept Guideline Adherence
Concept Heterosexuality
Concept Tobacco Use Cessation
Concept Needs Assessment
Concept Safe Sex
Concept Behavior Control
Concept Trust
Concept Risk Reduction Behavior
Concept Reproductive Behavior
Concept Unsafe Sex
Concept Medication Adherence
Concept Social Stigma
Concept Quality Improvement
Concept Remote Sensing Technology
Concept Text Messaging
Concept Epidemiological Monitoring
Academic Article Heterogeneity among studies in rates of decline of antiretroviral therapy adherence over time: results from the multisite adherence collaboration on HIV 14 study.
Academic Article Brief Behavioral Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health: A Feasibility Study in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Adapting an HIV Risk Reduction Curriculum: Processes and Outcomes.
Academic Article Changes in Providers' Self-Efficacy and Intentions to Provide Safer Conception Counseling Over 24 Months.
Academic Article Electronic Cigarettes and Future Marijuana Use: A Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article A qualitative examination of the indirect effects of modified directly observed therapy on health behaviors other than adherence.
Academic Article Adapting effective narrative-based HIV-prevention interventions to increase minorities' engagement in HIV/AIDS services.
Academic Article Discussing childbearing with HIV-infected women of reproductive age in clinical care: a comparison of Brazil and the US.
Academic Article African American smokers' intention to use pharmacotherapy for cessation.
Academic Article MACH14: a multi-site collaboration on ART adherence among 14 institutions.
Academic Article Development and functionality of a handheld computer program to improve fruit and vegetable intake among low-income youth.
Academic Article "We weren't using condoms because we were trying to conceive": the need for reproductive counseling for HIV-positive women in clinical care.
Academic Article Cost of behavioral interventions utilizing electronic drug monitoring for antiretroviral therapy adherence.
Academic Article The association between poor antiretroviral adherence and unsafe sex: differences by gender and sexual orientation and implications for scale-up of treatment as prevention.
Academic Article Mobile technology for obesity prevention: a randomized pilot study in racial- and ethnic-minority girls.
Academic Article The development of self-administered physical activity surveys for 4th grade students.
Academic Article MAGIC Study: Aims, Design and Methods using SystemCHANGE? to Improve Immunosuppressive Medication Adherence in Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients.
Academic Article Implicit Attitudes and Smoking Behavior in a Smoking Cessation Induction Trial.
Academic Article Using EP50 to forecast treatment adherence in individuals with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Prevalence and Correlates of Use of Safer Conception Methods in a Prospective Cohort of Ugandan HIV-Affected Couples with Fertility Intentions.
Academic Article Executive function fails to predict smoking outcomes in a clinical trial to motivate smokers to quit.
Academic Article Safer Conception for Couples Affected by HIV: Structural and Cultural Considerations in the Delivery of Safer Conception Care in Uganda.
Academic Article Identifying health conditions, priorities, and relevant multilevel health promotion intervention strategies in African American churches: A faith community health needs assessment.
Academic Article Development of a Novel Computerized Clinical Decision Support System to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Care Provision.
Grant Enhanced Intervention to Improve Adolescent Outcomes: A Clinical Trial
Academic Article Measuring shared decision-making in the pediatric outpatient setting: Psychometric performance of the SDM-Q-9 and CollaboRATE among English and Spanish speaking parents in the US Midwest.
Grant ART Adherence: Observed Therapy and Enhanced Counseling
Academic Article Race moderates the effects of Motivational Interviewing on smoking cessation induction.
Grant Controlled Evaluation of the Adherence Readiness Program for ART Adherence
Grant Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Training Program
Grant Can Motivational Interviewing be Effective for Smoking Cessation?
Grant Exploring Mental Health Screening and Linkage to Care Among Young African American Men
Grant HIV stigma reduction and testing in the Hispanic/Latino Church setting
Grant An interactive mHealth app for better glycemic control in families of young kids with T1D
Grant Increasing HIV Screening in African American Churches
Grant Adapting the HITSystem to Support PMTCT Retention and ART Adherence
Grant Impacting diet and sedentary behaviors in adolescent through handheld computers
Grant System CHANGE: An RCT for Medication Adherence in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Grant HIV Testing in African American Churches
Grant Pilot of an ART Adherence Readiness Intervention
Grant Communicating Colorectal Cancer Prevention thru Urban African American Churches
Grant Longitudinal test of adherence & control in kids new to T1 diabetes & 5-9 yrs old
Grant Multi-Site Collaborative Study for Adherence Virologic and Clinical Outcomes
Grant Improving adherence to HAART in HIV
Academic Article Motivational Interviewing to Encourage Quit Attempts Among Smokers Not Ready to Quit: A Trial-Based Economic Analysis.
Academic Article A Multilevel Diabetes and CVD Risk Reduction Intervention in African American Churches: Project Faith Influencing Transformation (FIT) Feasibility and Outcomes.
Academic Article Expanding Contraception Access for Women With Opioid-Use Disorder: A Qualitative Study of Opportunities and Challenges.
Academic Article Differential mechanisms of change in motivational interviewing versus health education for smoking cessation induction.
Academic Article Brief Motivational Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Service Uptake: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Implementing text-messaging to support and enhance delivery of health behavior change interventions in low- to middle-income countries: case study of the Lifestyle Africa intervention.

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