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Concept Combined Modality Therapy
Concept Drug Therapy, Combination
Concept Endoscopy
Concept Fluid Therapy
Concept Relaxation Therapy
Concept Endoscopy, Gastrointestinal
Concept Endoscopy, Digestive System
Concept Treatment Outcome
Concept Physical Therapy Modalities
Concept Capsule Endoscopy
Academic Article Clinical efficacy and pharmacokinetics of montelukast in dyspeptic children with duodenal eosinophilia.
Academic Article Mucosal eosinophilia and response to H1/H2 antagonist and cromolyn therapy in pediatric dyspepsia.
Academic Article Chronic abdominal pain in children: an update.
Academic Article Montelukast in the treatment of duodenal eosinophilia in children with dyspepsia: effect on eosinophil density and activation in relation to pharmacokinetics.
Academic Article Conceptualization and treatment of chronic abdominal pain in pediatric gastroenterology practice.
Academic Article A pilot study to assess the efficacy of biofeedback-assisted relaxation training as an adjunct treatment for pediatric functional dyspepsia associated with duodenal eosinophilia.
Academic Article Integrative treatment approaches: family satisfaction with a multidisciplinary paediatric Abdominal Pain Clinic.
Academic Article A randomized trial of enema versus polyethylene glycol 3350 for fecal disimpaction in children presenting to an emergency department.
Academic Article Anti-TNF, infliximab, and adalimumab can be effective in eosinophilic bowel disease.
Academic Article Eosinophils and mast cells as therapeutic targets in pediatric functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Understanding and treatment of chronic abdominal pain in pediatric primary care.
Academic Article Visceral hypersensitivity and electromechanical dysfunction as therapeutic targets in pediatric functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Investigation of potential early Histologic markers of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Present state and future challenges in pediatric abdominal pain therapeutics research: Looking beyond the forest.
Academic Article Therapeutic effect of melatonin on pediatric functional dyspepsia: A pilot study.
Academic Article An observational study of headaches in children and adolescents with functional abdominal pain: Relationship to mucosal inflammation and gastrointestinal and somatic symptoms.
Academic Article Evaluation of clinical outcomes in an interdisciplinary abdominal pain clinic: A retrospective, exploratory review.
Academic Article Comparison of the use of wireless capsule endoscopy with magnetic resonance enterography in children with inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Grasp biopsy, suction biopsy, and clinical history in the evaluation of esophagitis in infants 0-6 months of age.
Academic Article C-reactive protein in acute pulmonary exacerbations of patients with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Treatment of eosinophilic gastroenteritis with montelukast.
Academic Article Safety of infliximab treatment in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Manifestations and management of chronic insomnia in adults.
Academic Article Effectiveness of dietary allergen exclusion therapy on eosinophilic colitis in Chinese infants and young children = 3 years of age.
Academic Article Esophageal, Gastric, and Duodenal Histologic Findings in Patients with Feeding Difficulties.
Academic Article Heartburn in children and adolescents in the presence of functional dyspepsia and/or irritable bowel syndrome correlates with the presence of sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression.
Academic Article Presence of Increased Mast Cells in Infants and Children with Volume and Variety Limited Intake.

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