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Concept HIV Infections
Academic Article Functional Relevance of Improbable Antibody Mutations for HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Development.
Academic Article Antibody light-chain-restricted recognition of the site of immune pressure in the RV144 HIV-1 vaccine trial is phylogenetically conserved.
Academic Article Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies and the Development of Vaccines.
Academic Article Maturation Pathway from Germline to Broad HIV-1 Neutralizer of a CD4-Mimic Antibody.
Academic Article Antibodies Elicited by Multiple Envelope Glycoprotein Immunogens in Primates Neutralize Primary Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV-1) Sensitized by CD4-Mimetic Compounds.
Academic Article Initiation of immune tolerance-controlled HIV gp41 neutralizing B cell lineages.
Academic Article Amino Acid Changes in the HIV-1 gp41 Membrane Proximal Region Control Virus Neutralization Sensitivity.
Academic Article HIV-1 Envelope Mimicry of Host Enzyme Kynureninase Does Not Disrupt Tryptophan Metabolism.
Academic Article RAB11FIP5 Expression and Altered Natural Killer Cell Function Are Associated with Induction of HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Responses.
Academic Article Single-Cell Analysis of Quiescent HIV Infection Reveals Host Transcriptional Profiles that Regulate Proviral Latency.
Academic Article HLA class II-Restricted CD8+ T cells in HIV-1 Virus Controllers.
Academic Article Neonatal Rhesus Macaques Have Distinct Immune Cell Transcriptional Profiles following HIV Envelope Immunization.
Academic Article Immune checkpoint modulation enhances HIV-1 antibody induction.
Academic Article RAB11FIP5-Deficient Mice Exhibit Cytokine-Related Transcriptomic Signatures.
Academic Article Fab-dimerized glycan-reactive antibodies are a structural category of natural antibodies.
Academic Article Polyclonal Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Activity Characterized by CD4 Binding Site and V3-Glycan Antibodies in a Subset of HIV-1 Virus Controllers.
Grant Impact of Antibody Effector Function Diversity on Antiviral Activity In Situ
Academic Article Single-cell analysis of immune cell transcriptome during HIV-1 infection and therapy.
Academic Article Host immunity associated with spontaneous suppression of viremia in therapy-na?ve young rhesus macaques following neonatal SHIV infection.

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