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research overview Dr. Hurley is a public health researcher with expertise in the social and behavioral sciences. Her research centers on interpersonal influence in health behavior interventions, specifically, determining how patient-provider communications and social networks can improve patient outcomes. She has applied these core interests to diverse health topics including maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, HIV care and treatment, chronic disease prevention, and antibiotic stewardship. Dr. Hurley is especially committed to research that informs interventions for underserved populations in the U.S. and in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to her own research, she leads the Population Health Formative Research Team, which provides formative, mixed-methods, and qualitative research support to various projects at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

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Academic Article Changes in Providers' Self-Efficacy and Intentions to Provide Safer Conception Counseling Over 24 Months.
Academic Article Protocol for a randomised trial of higher versus lower intensity patient-provider communication interventions to reduce antibiotic misuse in two paediatric ambulatory clinics in the USA.
Academic Article Study protocol of "Our Choice": a randomized controlled trial of the integration of safer conception counseling to transform HIV family planning services in Uganda.
Academic Article Measuring shared decision-making in the pediatric outpatient setting: Psychometric performance of the SDM-Q-9 and CollaboRATE among English and Spanish speaking parents in the US Midwest.
Academic Article The effect of a joint communication campaign on multiple sex partners in Mozambique: the role of psychosocial/ideational factors.
Academic Article Multilevel correlates of broadly- and narrowly-defined intimate partner violence among pregnant women in Los Angeles.
Academic Article "There is no free here, you have to pay": actual and perceived costs as barriers to intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Mali.
Academic Article Underreporting and Missed Opportunities for Uptake of Intermittent Preventative Treatment of Malaria in Pregnancy (IPTp) in Mali.
Academic Article The Role of Alcohol Expectancies in Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents and Young Adults in the Democratic Republic?of the?Congo.
Academic Article Patient-provider communication styles in HIV treatment programs in Bamako, Mali: A mixed-methods study to define dimensions and measure patient preferences.
Academic Article The Role of Patient-Provider Communication in Engagement and Re-engagement in HIV Treatment in Bamako, Mali: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Patient-centred attitudes among medical students in Mali, West Africa: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article eHealth Interventions for Early Infant Diagnosis: Mothers' Satisfaction with the HIV Infant Tracking System in Kenya.
Academic Article Rates and Predictors of HIV-Exposed Infants Lost to Follow-Up During Early Infant Diagnosis Services in Kenya.
Academic Article "They Merely Prescribe and I Merely Swallow": Perceptions of Antenatal Pharmaceuticals and Nutritional Supplements Among Pregnant Women in Bamako, Mali.
Academic Article Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for low and middle-income countries: protocol for a cluster randomised trial to evaluate 'Lifestyle Africa'.
Academic Article Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for low- and middle-income countries: preliminary implementation findings from lifestyle Africa.
Grant Evaluating the HITSystem to Improve PMTCT Retention and Maternal Viral Suppression in Kenya
Academic Article Expanding Contraception Access for Women With Opioid-Use Disorder: A Qualitative Study of Opportunities and Challenges.
Academic Article Reductions in Parent Interest in Receiving Antibiotics following a 90-Second Video Intervention in Outpatient Pediatric Clinics.
Academic Article Advocating for Children During the COVID-19 School Closures.
Grant Patient-provider communication and patient engagement in HIV programs in Mali
Academic Article Beyond clinical food prescriptions and mobile markets: parent views on the role of a healthcare institution in increasing healthy eating in food insecure families.
Academic Article Reproductive intentions and corresponding use of safer conception methods and contraception among Ugandan HIV clients in serodiscordant relationships.
Academic Article Designing an Adaptive Adolescent Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention for COVID-19-Related Health Challenges: Formative Research Study.
Academic Article Supporting young people with climate anxiety: mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.
Academic Article Menstrual health among adolescents and young adults in rural Haiti.
Academic Article Contraception use among individuals with substance use disorder increases tenfold with patient-centered, mobile services: a quasi-experimental study.
Academic Article Sexual behaviors, contraception use and barriers among adolescents and young adults in rural Haiti.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of Lifestyle Africa: an adaptation of the diabetes prevention programme for delivery by community health workers in urban South Africa.
Academic Article Piloting Gain and Loss-Framed PrEP and Childbearing Messaging to Promote HIV Testing in Uganda: Perspectives from Couples and Providers.
Academic Article Audience Response to COVID Monologues: Research-Based Theater on the Societal Impact of COVID-19.
Academic Article Assessing COVID-related concerns and their impact on antenatal and delivery care among pregnant women living with HIV in Kenya: a brief report.
Academic Article Developing a community-led rare disease ELSI research agenda.

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