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Academic Article Conference scene: pediatric pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.
Academic Article Newborn Sequencing in Genomic Medicine and Public Health.
Academic Article Health care worker knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding mandatory influenza vaccination.
Academic Article Healthcare worker knowledge and attitudes regarding influenza immunization and childhood vaccination.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Practices Have Policies to Not Care for Children With Vaccine-Hesitant Parents?
Academic Article Controversy About Dialysis for an Adolescent.
Academic Article A Novel Partnership Disrupts the Norm in Early Childhood Education and Pediatric Health Care.
Academic Article Parents Refusing Dialysis for a 3-Month-Old With Renal Failure.
Academic Article When a Surgical Colleague Makes an Error.
Academic Article Ethical and Policy Considerations for Genomic Testing in Pediatric Research: The Path Toward Disclosing Individual Research Results.
Academic Article What is the legal 'standard of medical care' when there is no standard medical care? A survey of the use of home apnea monitoring by neonatology fellowship training programs in the United States.
Academic Article Ethical aspects of pediatric home care.
Academic Article Pediatrician's practice choices: differences between part-time and full-time practice.
Academic Article Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and the ethics of clinical research in pediatrics.
Academic Article Treatment refusal, noncompliance, and the pediatrician's responsibilities.
Academic Article The Hastings Center Project on Imperiled Newborns: supreme court, jury, or Greek chorus?
Academic Article Baby Doe five years later. Implications for child health.
Academic Article Heart transplantation.
Academic Article Sample size: profound implications of mundane calculations.
Academic Article Overtreatment of neonates.
Academic Article Ought 'standard care' be the 'standard of care'? A study of the time to administration of antibiotics in children with meningitis.
Academic Article Do-not-resuscitate orders in a children's hospital.
Academic Article Birth weight-specific mortality for extremely low birth weight infants vanishes by four days of life: epidemiology and ethics in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article Physicians' experience with allegations of medical malpractice in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article A proactive, data-based determination of the standard of medical care in pediatrics.
Academic Article Disclosing the diagnosis of HIV in pediatrics.
Academic Article Current opinion in pediatrics: ethics and law 2001.
Academic Article Serial assessment of mortality in the neonatal intensive care unit by algorithm and intuition: certainty, uncertainty, and informed consent.
Academic Article Who cares for the children? Pediatricians and parental leave.
Academic Article Pediatric research: what is broken and what needs to be fixed?
Academic Article Changes in mortality for extremely low birth weight infants in the 1990s: implications for treatment decisions and resource use.
Academic Article End-of-life after birth: death and dying in a neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article Summary proceedings from the neonatal pain-control group.
Academic Article Should our well-child care system be redesigned? A national survey of pediatricians.
Academic Article The edge of the known world.
Academic Article Resuscitation in the "gray zone" of viability: determining physician preferences and predicting infant outcomes.
Academic Article Four recent health reform initiatives: implications for pediatric health reform.
Academic Article Paediatrics-based fetal care: unanswered ethical questions.
Academic Article Moral reflections on neonatal intensive care.
Academic Article Variation in the treatment of infants born at the borderline of viability.
Academic Article It is time to professionalize institutional review boards.
Academic Article It's not the growth attenuation, it's the sterilization!
Academic Article A premature infant with necrotizing enterocolitis whose parents are Jehovah's Witnesses.
Academic Article Ethics rounds. Symbolic resuscitation, medical futility, and parental rights.
Academic Article Does pediatrics need its own bioethics?
Academic Article Bone marrow donation between siblings living in different families.
Academic Article Ethical considerations in pediatric BMT donors and recipients.
Academic Article An infant with trisomy 18 and a ventricular septal defect.
Academic Article A "narcotics contract" for a patient with sickle cell disease and chronic pain.
Academic Article When parents refuse a septic workup for a newborn.
Academic Article Testing children for adult-onset genetic diseases.
Academic Article Pediatric analgesic clinical trial designs, measures, and extrapolation: report of an FDA scientific workshop.
Academic Article A Saudi family making end-of-life decisions in the PICU.
Academic Article A tale of dollars, pediatrics, and late-night calls about infant constipation.
Academic Article A baby with meningococcemia and septic shock.
Academic Article Ethics for the pediatrician: the evolving ethics of cochlear implants in children.
Academic Article Should an IRB approve a placebo-controlled randomized trial of analgesia for procedural pain in neonates?
Academic Article Ethical issues in neonatal and pediatric clinical trials.
Academic Article An 8-year-old foster child with behavioral problems who needs a bone marrow transplant.
Academic Article Editors' comments.
Academic Article Pediatric obesity, statin use, and the goals of medicine.
Academic Article Parental refusal of a liver transplant for a child with biliary atresia.
Academic Article Obstructive sleep apnea in a 17-year-old with profound cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Marriage and the well-being of children.
Academic Article A new pediatrics for a new century.
Academic Article Can a patient designate his doctor as his proxy decision maker?
Academic Article Newsflash: pediatric residency and medical school can't teach everything.
Academic Article A young adult Jehovah's Witness with severe anemia.
Academic Article When life-sustaining treatment is withdrawn and the patient doesn't die.
Academic Article Breastfeeding and complementary food: randomized trial of community doula home visiting.
Academic Article SUPPORTing premature infants.
Academic Article Is treatment futile for an extremely premature infant with giant omphalocele?
Academic Article A 6-month-old with vaccine-hesitant parents.
Academic Article The slow, steady development of pediatric ethics committees, 1975-2013.
Academic Article Who should get the last PICU bed?
Academic Article Was Sarah Murnaghan treated justly?
Academic Article Mechanical ventilation for a child with quadriplegia.
Academic Article Whose interests count?
Academic Article When is waiver of consent appropriate in a neonatal clinical trial?
Academic Article Engaging pediatric health professionals in interactive online ethics education.
Academic Article Should we tell parents when we've made an error?
Academic Article The patient-parent-pediatrician relationship: everyday ethics in the office.
Academic Article Are we allowed to discontinue medical treatment in this child?
Academic Article Bullying, social hierarchies, poverty, and health outcomes.
Academic Article Two infants, same prognosis, different parental preferences.
Academic Article Author's Response.
Academic Article Should All Deaf Children Learn Sign Language?
Academic Article When a Family Requests a White Doctor.
Academic Article Is a New Protocol for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Research or Standard Therapy?
Academic Article Authorship Concerns and Who Truly Owns a Research Idea?
Academic Article Author's Response: Deaf Children, Cochlear Implants, and Language Acquisition.
Academic Article Risks in a Trial of an Innovative Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Academic Article Please Do Whatever It Takes to End Our Daughter's Suffering!
Academic Article Introduction to Bioethics Special Supplement V: Ethical Issues in Genomic Testing of Children.
Academic Article The Challenge of Analyzing the Results of Next-Generation Sequencing in Children.
Academic Article Tough Decisions for Premature Triplets.
Academic Article Medical Therapy for Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors in a Teen With Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article What If the Prenatal Diagnosis of a Lethal Anomaly Turns Out to Be Wrong?
Academic Article Withholding Information to Protect a Loved One.
Academic Article Can Parents Refuse a Potentially Lifesaving Transplant for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency?
Academic Article Randomized n-of-1 Trials: Quality Improvement, Research, or Both?
Academic Article Stronger and More Vulnerable: A Balanced View of the Impacts of the NICU Experience on Parents.
Academic Article Ethics Rounds: In the Eye of a Social Media Storm.
Academic Article Henry K. Beecher and the Oversight of Research in Children.
Academic Article A survey of paediatricians on the use of electrocardiogram for pre-participation sports screening.
Academic Article Should School Boards Discontinue Support for High School Football?
Academic Article Should Neonatologists Give Opinions Withdrawing Life-sustaining Treatment?
Academic Article Parental Refusal of Surgery in an Infant With Tricuspid Atresia.
Academic Article Ethical Concerns When Minors Act as Standardized Patients.
Academic Article Surrogate Pregnancy After Prenatal Diagnosis of Spina Bifida.
Academic Article Genomic Contraindications for Heart Transplantation.
Academic Article Treatment Decisions for Babies with Trisomy 13 and 18.
Academic Article Grief and Burnout in the PICU.
Academic Article Ethical Controversy About Hysterectomy for a Minor.
Academic Article Physician views regarding the benefits and burdens of prenatal surgery for myelomeningocele.
Academic Article Palliative Sedation With Propofol for an Adolescent With a DNR Order.
Academic Article Physician-Nurse Interactions in Critical Care.
Academic Article The Dilemma of Predicting Violent Radicalization.
Academic Article Why Are There So Few Ethics Consults in Children's Hospitals?
Academic Article Cross-Cultural Differences in Communication About a Dying Child.
Academic Article Weighing the Social and Ethical Considerations of Maternal-Fetal Surgery.
Academic Article Advocating for the DREAM Act: Why Pediatricians Should Care and What They Can Do.
Academic Article Ethics Rounds: Death After Pediatric Dental Anesthesia: An Avoidable Tragedy?
Academic Article Considering Family Resources When Making Medical Recommendations.
Academic Article When Residents Let Conscience Be Their Guide: Professional Development and Educational Opportunity.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Euthanasia be Legalized?
Academic Article Pediatric Participation in Medical Decision Making: Optimized or Personalized?
Academic Article Please Test My Child for a Cancer Gene, but Don't Tell Her.
Academic Article Should a Teenager Be Allowed to Leave the Hospital AMA to Attend His Father's Funeral?
Academic Article Considering Whether the Dismissal of Vaccine-Refusing Families Is Fair to Other Clinicians.
Academic Article An Extravagant Gift From a Grateful Patient.
Academic Article We Know Less Than We Think We Know About Perinatal Outcomes.
Academic Article When a Mother Changes Her Mind About a DNR.
Academic Article Pediatricians and court appointed special advocates (CASA).
Academic Article Fertility Preservation for a Transgender Teenager.
Academic Article Controversy About a High-Risk and Innovative Fetal Cardiac Intervention.
Academic Article Look to Scandinavia.
Academic Article Do Sociocultural Factors Influence Periviability Counseling and Treatment More Than Science? Lessons From Scandinavia.
Academic Article Medical Marijuana for Minors May Be Considered Child Abuse.
Academic Article Growth Hormone Therapy for a Child With Severe Cognitive Impairment.
Academic Article Should Foreigners Get Costly Lifesaving Treatments in the United States?
Academic Article Unilateral Withdrawal of Life-sustaining Therapy in a Severely Impaired Child.
Academic Article Tell Parents the Truth, but Tell It Slant.
Academic Article Child Abuse, Incarceration, and Decisions About Life-sustaining Treatment.
Academic Article When Parents Have Misunderstandings About the Risks and Benefits of Palliative Surgery.
Academic Article When a Child Needs a Transplant but Lacks Familial Social Support.
Academic Article Ethical and Psychosocial Issues in Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for Newborns.
Academic Article The False-negative Phenotype.
Academic Article Neonatologists' Attitudes About Diagnostic Whole-Genome Sequencing in the NICU.
Academic Article The Potential Benefits of Research May Justify Certain Research Risks.
Academic Article When Only Family Is Available to Interpret.
Academic Article Clinical Ethics in Pediatrics: An International Perspective.
Academic Article Infant With Trisomy 18 and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.
Academic Article Affirming, Balanced, and Comprehensive Care for Transgender Teenagers.
Academic Article Disclosure of Misattributed Paternity.
Academic Article Allowing Adolescents to Weigh Benefits and Burdens of High-stakes Therapies.
Academic Article When Adolescent and Parents Disagree on Medical Plan, Who Gets to Decide?
Academic Article When Parents Take Conflicts to Digital Media.
Academic Article Does It Matter if This Baby Is 22 or 23 Weeks?
Academic Article Failure to Provide Adequate Palliative Care May Be Medical Neglect.
Academic Article Seeking a Second Opinion on Social Media.
Academic Article Pediatric neurosurgeons' views regarding prenatal surgery for myelomeningocele and the management of hydrocephalus: a national survey.
Academic Article When Specialty Care Is Unavailable to Rural Families.
Academic Article Preventing Self-Harm From Repeat Foreign-Body Ingestion.
Academic Article Long-term Puberty Suppression for a Nonbinary Teenager.
Academic Article "Take Out This Thing": A Teen's Decision About Removal of a Gastrostomy Tube.
Academic Article All for One and One Delivery Room Approach for All?
Academic Article Children's Hospital ICU Resource Allocation in an Adult Pandemic.
Academic Article Paediatric ethical issues during the COVID-19 pandemic are not just about ventilator triage.
Academic Article Parents Demand and Teenager Refuses Epidural Anesthesia.
Academic Article Pediatric Cardiology Specialist's Opinions Toward the Acceptability of Comfort Care for Congenital Heart Disease.
Academic Article Benefits and Risks of Visitor Restrictions for Hospitalized Children During the COVID Pandemic.
Academic Article Pediatric Palliative Care in a Pandemic: Role Obligations, Moral Distress, and the Care You Can Give.
Academic Article Helping Parents Cope in the NICU.
Academic Article Access to Transplantation for Undocumented Pediatric Patients.
Academic Article Seeking Normalcy as the Curve Flattens: Ethical Considerations for Pediatricians Managing Collateral Damage of Coronavirus Disease-2019.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Patients Be Prioritized When Rationing Life-Saving Treatments During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Academic Article Controversy About Withdrawal of Postresuscitation Care After Cardiac Arrest.

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