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Concept Patient Compliance
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Academic Article The evolving ethics of infant dialysis.
Academic Article Trust in the Medical Profession Among Adolescents in an Emergency Department.
Academic Article Providing and forgoing resuscitative therapy for babies of very low birth weight.
Academic Article The ethics of randomization.
Academic Article Ethical considerations in randomized controlled clinical trials.
Academic Article The ethical assessment of innovative therapies: liver transplantation using living donors.
Academic Article Ethical issues in growth hormone therapy.
Academic Article Treatment refusal, noncompliance, and the pediatrician's responsibilities.
Academic Article Autonomy in adolescent medicine. A framework for decisions about life-sustaining treatment.
Academic Article The illusion of futility in clinical practice.
Academic Article Withholding nutrition from newborn infants.
Academic Article The Hastings Center Project on Imperiled Newborns: supreme court, jury, or Greek chorus?
Academic Article Equipoise and the ethics of segmental liver transplantation.
Academic Article Putting futility to use in the NICU: ethical implications of non-survival after CPR in very low-birth-weight infants.
Academic Article Withholding and withdrawing life sustaining treatment in neonatal intensive care: issues for the 1990s.
Academic Article Ethics, randomization, and technology assessment.
Academic Article Futility assessments and the doctor-patient relationship.
Academic Article [Short-term prognosis in patients with congestive heart failure and normal left ventricular systolic function].
Academic Article Informed consent. The whole truth for patients?
Academic Article The ethical treatment of cancer. What is right for the patient?
Academic Article The impact of clinical trial protocols on patient care systems.
Academic Article Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on television. Miracles and misinformation.
Academic Article Birth weight-specific mortality for extremely low birth weight infants vanishes by four days of life: epidemiology and ethics in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article Distributive justice across generations. Epidemiology of ICU care for the very young and the very old.
Academic Article Should we always tell children the truth?
Academic Article Physicians' experience with allegations of medical malpractice in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article Reassessing medical students' willingness to treat HIV-infected patients.
Academic Article Community equipoise and the architecture of clinical research.
Academic Article Inflammatory mediators and surgical trauma regarding laparoscopic access: neutrophil function.
Academic Article Methadone dosing, heroin affordability, and the severity of addiction.
Academic Article The physician as a health care proxy.
Academic Article The rise and fall of the futility movement.
Academic Article Open heart [Shiva M'Hodu].
Academic Article Reconsidering action: day-to-day ethics in the work of medicine.
Academic Article Medical ethics through the Star Trek lens.
Academic Article Disclosing the diagnosis of HIV in pediatrics.
Academic Article Was the UK collaborative ECMO trial ethical?
Academic Article Stories of caring and connection: four books on death and dying.
Academic Article Scientific and ethical consequences of disease prediction.
Academic Article Witches, pubertal development, and "minimal risk".
Academic Article The Karamazov complex: Dostoevsky and DNR orders.
Academic Article To tell or not to tell: must the doctors inform her she'll be infertile?
Academic Article RVUs blues. How should docs get paid?
Academic Article When patients choose faith over medicine: physician perspectives on religiously related conflict in the medical encounter.
Academic Article Consulting the many and the wise.
Academic Article Expression of CD97 and adhesion molecules on circulating leukocytes in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery.
Academic Article Improving asthma research in an inner-city Latino neighborhood with community health workers.
Academic Article The doctor-patient relationship in the post-managed care era.
Academic Article Shoring up professionalism. Building on disagreements between residents and attending physicians.
Academic Article The association of physicians' religious characteristics with their attitudes and self-reported behaviors regarding religion and spirituality in the clinical encounter.
Academic Article Rethinking professional ethics in the cost-sharing era.
Academic Article Innovation in human research protection: the AbioCor artificial heart trial.
Academic Article The sociobiology of humanism.
Academic Article The edge of the known world.
Academic Article Should institutional review board decisions be evidence-based?
Academic Article Parents who walk away.
Academic Article The physician-surrogate relationship.
Academic Article Religion, spirituality, and medicine: psychiatrists' and other physicians' differing observations, interpretations, and clinical approaches.
Academic Article The nuances of self-disclosure.
Academic Article Variation in the treatment of infants born at the borderline of viability.
Academic Article The curious case of Ashley X.
Academic Article Time course of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine levels in patients with burns--prognostic value of interleukin-10.
Academic Article Clinician integrity and limits to patient autonomy.
Academic Article Agency and authenticity: which value grounds patient choice?
Academic Article A "narcotics contract" for a patient with sickle cell disease and chronic pain.
Academic Article Patient autonomy and the twenty-first century physician.
Academic Article Case study. Confidentiality and its limits. Commentary.
Academic Article Antenatal counselling for parents facing an extremely preterm birth: limitations of the medical evidence.
Academic Article Ethics for the pediatrician: the evolving ethics of cochlear implants in children.
Academic Article Have the boundaries of the 'grey zone' of perinatal resuscitation changed for extremely preterm infants over 20 years?
Academic Article Can a patient designate his doctor as his proxy decision maker?
Academic Article A young adult Jehovah's Witness with severe anemia.
Academic Article Learning the right lessons from the SUPPORT study controversy.
Academic Article When life-sustaining treatment is withdrawn and the patient doesn't die.
Academic Article The weird divergence of ethics and regulation with regard to informed consent.
Academic Article A 6-month-old with vaccine-hesitant parents.
Academic Article Human subjects protection: an event monitoring committee for research studies of girls from breast cancer families.
Academic Article Perspectives on anticipated quality-of-life and recommendations for neonatal intensive care: a survey of neonatal providers.
Academic Article Whose interests count?
Academic Article The patient-parent-pediatrician relationship: everyday ethics in the office.
Academic Article Transcending differences to study the transcendent: an exploratory study of researchers' and chaplains' reflections on interdisciplinary spiritual care research collaboration.
Academic Article When a Family Requests a White Doctor.
Academic Article Frontiers: Integration of a Research Participant Registry with Medical Clinic Registration and Electronic Health Records.
Academic Article Considerations in the evaluation and determination of minimal risk in pragmatic clinical trials.
Academic Article Do Patients Want to Participate in Decisions About Their Own Medical Care?
Academic Article Risks in a Trial of an Innovative Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Academic Article Considering Decision-Making and Sexuality in Menstrual Suppression of Teens and Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.
Academic Article Withholding Information to Protect a Loved One.
Academic Article Ethical Concerns When Minors Act as Standardized Patients.
Academic Article Palliative Sedation With Propofol for an Adolescent With a DNR Order.
Academic Article The Tragic Case of Charlie Gard.
Academic Article Physician-Nurse Interactions in Critical Care.
Academic Article Attitudes of paediatric and obstetric specialists towards prenatal surgery for lethal and non-lethal conditions.
Academic Article Cross-Cultural Differences in Communication About a Dying Child.
Academic Article Advocating for the DREAM Act: Why Pediatricians Should Care and What They Can Do.
Academic Article Considering Family Resources When Making Medical Recommendations.
Academic Article Fragile lives with fragile rights: Justice for babies born at the limit of viability.
Academic Article Pediatric Participation in Medical Decision Making: Optimized or Personalized?
Academic Article What is the Purpose of Antenatal Counseling?
Academic Article Should a Teenager Be Allowed to Leave the Hospital AMA to Attend His Father's Funeral?
Academic Article An Extravagant Gift From a Grateful Patient.
Academic Article When a Mother Changes Her Mind About a DNR.
Academic Article Unilateral Withdrawal of Life-sustaining Therapy in a Severely Impaired Child.
Academic Article Ethical Problems in Decision Making in the Neonatal ICU.
Academic Article When a Child Needs a Transplant but Lacks Familial Social Support.
Academic Article When Only Family Is Available to Interpret.
Academic Article Allowing Adolescents to Weigh Benefits and Burdens of High-stakes Therapies.
Academic Article When Deeply Held Personal Beliefs Conflict with Collective Societal Norms.
Academic Article Disclosing adverse events and near misses to parents of neonates.
Academic Article Differing Thresholds for Overriding Parental Refusals of Life-Sustaining Treatment.
Academic Article Ethics and Medico-legal implications in delivery room emergencies.
Academic Article Healthcare organizations and high profile disagreements.
Academic Article "Take Out This Thing": A Teen's Decision About Removal of a Gastrostomy Tube.
Academic Article Parents Demand and Teenager Refuses Epidural Anesthesia.
Academic Article Benefits and Risks of Visitor Restrictions for Hospitalized Children During the COVID Pandemic.
Academic Article Access to Transplantation for Undocumented Pediatric Patients.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Patients Be Prioritized When Rationing Life-Saving Treatments During COVID-19 Pandemic.

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