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Concept Autism Spectrum Disorder
Concept Developmental Disabilities
Concept Mass Screening
Concept Neonatal Screening
Academic Article Newborn Sequencing in Genomic Medicine and Public Health.
Academic Article Scientific and ethical consequences of disease prediction.
Academic Article Serial assessment of mortality in the neonatal intensive care unit by algorithm and intuition: certainty, uncertainty, and informed consent.
Academic Article A cost-effective screening method for pesticide residue analysis in fruits, vegetables, and cereal grains.
Academic Article Application of TLC for confirmation and screening of pesticide residues in fruits, vegetables, and cereal grains: Part 2. Repeatability and reproducibility of Rf and MDQ values.
Academic Article The curious case of Ashley X.
Academic Article It's not the growth attenuation, it's the sterilization!
Academic Article Screening tests during prenatal care: does practice follow the evidence?
Academic Article Can we prevent sudden cardiac death in young athletes: the debate about preparticipation sports screening.
Academic Article Screening for sudden cardiac death in the young: report from a national heart, lung, and blood institute working group.
Academic Article Costs and end-of-life care in the NICU: lessons for the MICU?
Academic Article The nonimpact of gestational age on neurodevelopmental outcome for ventilated survivors born at 23-28 weeks of gestation.
Academic Article Dangerous and expensive screening and treatment for rare childhood diseases: the case of Krabbe disease.
Academic Article Lessons that newborn screening in the USA can teach us about biobanking and large-scale genetic studies.
Academic Article One Exemption Too Many: The Case for Mandated CCHD Screening.
Academic Article Medical Therapy for Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors in a Teen With Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article A survey of paediatricians on the use of electrocardiogram for pre-participation sports screening.
Academic Article Sequencing Newborns: A Call for Nuanced Use of Genomic Technologies.
Academic Article Ethical and Psychosocial Issues in Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for Newborns.
Academic Article The False-negative Phenotype.
Academic Article Neonatologists' Attitudes About Diagnostic Whole-Genome Sequencing in the NICU.
Academic Article Ethical issues with testing and treatment for Krabbe disease.

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