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Concept Adolescent
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Adolescent Medicine
Concept Adolescent, Hospitalized
Concept Influenza Vaccines
Concept Pregnancy in Adolescence
Concept Vaccines
Concept Viral Hepatitis Vaccines
Concept Viral Vaccines
Concept Adolescent Health Services
Academic Article Controversies in vaccine mandates.
Academic Article Healthcare worker knowledge and attitudes regarding influenza immunization and childhood vaccination.
Academic Article Should a nonadherent adolescent receive a second kidney?
Academic Article Trust in the Medical Profession Among Adolescents in an Emergency Department.
Academic Article Controversy About Dialysis for an Adolescent.
Academic Article A Novel Partnership Disrupts the Norm in Early Childhood Education and Pediatric Health Care.
Academic Article Ethical and Policy Considerations for Genomic Testing in Pediatric Research: The Path Toward Disclosing Individual Research Results.
Academic Article Bone marrow transplantation for sickle cell disease. A study of parents' decisions.
Academic Article Autonomy in adolescent medicine. A framework for decisions about life-sustaining treatment.
Academic Article [Orchidopexy and fertility].
Academic Article Immunisation against chickenpox.
Academic Article The case. What should Leah be told?
Academic Article Disclosing the diagnosis of HIV in pediatrics.
Academic Article Hope and responsibility in clinical settings: two reflections on Jewish life and death. Are scientific truths the only truths?
Academic Article Youth targeting by tobacco manufacturers since the Master Settlement Agreement.
Academic Article To tell or not to tell: must the doctors inform her she'll be infertile?
Academic Article Who cares for the children? Pediatricians and parental leave.
Academic Article Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation after stem cell transplant: clinical decision-making in the absence of evidence.
Academic Article Improving asthma research in an inner-city Latino neighborhood with community health workers.
Academic Article Reducing home triggers for asthma: the Latino community health worker approach.
Academic Article Religion, conscience and clinical decisions.
Academic Article Prenatal care utilization in excess of recommended levels: trends from 1985 to 2004.
Academic Article The National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care Clinical Practice Guidelines Domain 8: ethical and legal aspects of care.
Academic Article Can we prevent sudden cardiac death in young athletes: the debate about preparticipation sports screening.
Academic Article A "narcotics contract" for a patient with sickle cell disease and chronic pain.
Academic Article Why we should eliminate personal belief exemptions to vaccine mandates.
Academic Article Conscience, clinical ethics, and emergency contraception.
Academic Article Testing children for adult-onset genetic diseases.
Academic Article Rising preterm birth rates, 1989-2004: changing demographics or changing obstetric practice?
Academic Article Clinical ethical considerations in contraceptive care for teens.
Academic Article Obstructive sleep apnea in a 17-year-old with profound cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Medically induced preterm birth and the associations between prenatal care and infant mortality.
Academic Article Vaccine mandates are justifiable because we are all in this together.
Academic Article A young adult Jehovah's Witness with severe anemia.
Academic Article Breastfeeding and complementary food: randomized trial of community doula home visiting.
Academic Article Human subjects protection: an event monitoring committee for research studies of girls from breast cancer families.
Academic Article Risks in a Trial of an Innovative Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Academic Article Medical Therapy for Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors in a Teen With Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article Considering Decision-Making and Sexuality in Menstrual Suppression of Teens and Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.
Academic Article Henry K. Beecher and the Oversight of Research in Children.
Academic Article A survey of paediatricians on the use of electrocardiogram for pre-participation sports screening.
Academic Article Should School Boards Discontinue Support for High School Football?
Academic Article Ethical Concerns When Minors Act as Standardized Patients.
Academic Article Ethical Controversy About Hysterectomy for a Minor.
Academic Article Palliative Sedation With Propofol for an Adolescent With a DNR Order.
Academic Article Advocating for the DREAM Act: Why Pediatricians Should Care and What They Can Do.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Euthanasia be Legalized?
Academic Article Should a Teenager Be Allowed to Leave the Hospital AMA to Attend His Father's Funeral?
Academic Article Considering Whether the Dismissal of Vaccine-Refusing Families Is Fair to Other Clinicians.
Academic Article Fertility Preservation for a Transgender Teenager.
Academic Article Dismissal Policies for Vaccine Refusal-Reply.
Academic Article Growth Hormone Therapy for a Child With Severe Cognitive Impairment.
Academic Article Affirming, Balanced, and Comprehensive Care for Transgender Teenagers.
Academic Article Allowing Adolescents to Weigh Benefits and Burdens of High-stakes Therapies.
Academic Article When Adolescent and Parents Disagree on Medical Plan, Who Gets to Decide?
Academic Article Failure to Provide Adequate Palliative Care May Be Medical Neglect.
Academic Article Seeking a Second Opinion on Social Media.
Academic Article Preventing Self-Harm From Repeat Foreign-Body Ingestion.
Academic Article Long-term Puberty Suppression for a Nonbinary Teenager.
Academic Article Parental Concerns on Short Stature: A 15-Year Follow-Up.
Academic Article "Take Out This Thing": A Teen's Decision About Removal of a Gastrostomy Tube.
Academic Article Parents Demand and Teenager Refuses Epidural Anesthesia.
Academic Article Benefits and Risks of Visitor Restrictions for Hospitalized Children During the COVID Pandemic.
Academic Article Pediatric Palliative Care in a Pandemic: Role Obligations, Moral Distress, and the Care You Can Give.
Academic Article Should Pediatric Patients Be Prioritized When Rationing Life-Saving Treatments During COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Author Response.
Academic Article Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination on Social Media.
Academic Article Implementing Universal Suicide Risk Screening in a Pediatric Hospital.

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