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Concept Pediatric Obesity
Academic Article 45-Year trends in women's use of time and household management energy expenditure.
Academic Article Validation of a novel protocol for calculating estimated energy requirements and average daily physical activity ratio for the US population: 2005-2006.
Academic Article Low fitness partially explains resting metabolic rate differences between African American and white women.
Academic Article Top 10 research questions related to energy balance.
Academic Article The Prospective Association between Different Types of Exercise and Body Composition.
Academic Article High respiratory quotient is associated with increases in body weight and fat mass in young adults.
Academic Article Effects of moderate and vigorous physical activity on fitness and body composition.
Academic Article Psychosocial Determinants of Weight Loss Among Young Adults With Overweight and Obesity: HOW DOES DRIVE FOR THINNESS AFFECT WEIGHT LOSS?
Academic Article Physical activity and sarcopenic obesity: definition, assessment, prevalence and mechanism.
Academic Article Evaluation of the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative for Improving Community Capacity for Childhood Obesity Prevention.
Academic Article Obesity and energy balance: What is the role of physical activity?
Academic Article Adherence With Multiple National Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations in a Large Pediatric Center Electronic Health Record and Reduced Risk of Obesity.
Academic Article Relationships between chronotype, social jetlag, sleep, obesity and blood pressure in healthy young adults.
Academic Article Handheld Indirect Calorimetry as a Clinical Tool for Measuring Resting Energy Expenditure in Children with and without Obesity.
Academic Article Maternal BMI Change Linked to Child Activity Change in Family-Based Behavioral Interventions for Pediatric Weight Management.
Academic Article Difference in Housing Temperature-Induced Energy Expenditure Elicits Sex-Specific Diet-Induced Metabolic Adaptations in Mice.
Academic Article Characterization of a Regional Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment System.
Academic Article Modifying Diet and Exercise in MS (MoDEMS): Study design and protocol for a telehealth weight loss intervention for adults with obesity & Multiple Sclerosis.

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