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Academic Article Comparability of the 6-min walk test using different test configurations.
Academic Article Cardiorespiratory fitness reduces the risk of incident hypertension associated with a parental history of hypertension.
Academic Article 45-Year trends in women's use of time and household management energy expenditure.
Academic Article The energy balance study: the design and baseline results for a longitudinal study of energy balance.
Academic Article Moderate cardiorespiratory fitness is positively associated with resting metabolic rate in young adults.
Academic Article Extremes of weight gain and weight loss with detailed assessments of energy balance: Illustrative case studies and clinical recommendations.
Academic Article The association between different types of exercise and energy expenditure in young nonoverweight and overweight adults.
Academic Article The Prospective Association between Different Types of Exercise and Body Composition.
Academic Article Association between actigraphic sleep metrics and body composition.
Academic Article Prospective association between body composition, physical activity and energy intake in young adults.
Academic Article Objectively Measured Daily Steps and Subsequent Long Term All-Cause Mortality: The Tasped Prospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Is nutrient intake associated with physical activity levels in healthy young adults?
Academic Article Anti-inflammatory Dietary Inflammatory Index scores are associated with healthier scores on other dietary indices.
Academic Article Effects of moderate and vigorous physical activity on fitness and body composition.
Academic Article The Association of Physical Activity during Weekdays and Weekend with Body Composition in Young Adults.
Academic Article Psychosocial Determinants of Weight Loss Among Young Adults With Overweight and Obesity: HOW DOES DRIVE FOR THINNESS AFFECT WEIGHT LOSS?
Academic Article Validation of a Noninvasive, Disposable Activity Monitor for Clinical Applications.
Academic Article Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between different exercise types and food cravings in free-living healthy young adults.
Academic Article Implementation contextual factors related to youth advocacy for healthy eating and active living.
Academic Article The Influence of Life Events and Psychological Stress on Objectively Measured Physical Activity: A 12-Month Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article Dietary Intake and Physical Activity Assessment: Current Tools, Techniques, and Technologies for Use in Adult Populations.
Academic Article The Effect of Exercise Training on Total Daily Energy Expenditure and Body Composition in Weight-Stable Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Current and 1-Year Psychological and Physical Effects of Replacing Sedentary Time With Time in Other Behaviors.
Academic Article Differences in adolescent activity and dietary behaviors across home, school, and other locations warrant location-specific intervention approaches.
Academic Article Investigating associations between physical activity-related neighborhood built environment features and child weight status to inform local practice.
Academic Article Modifying Diet and Exercise in MS (MoDEMS): Study design and protocol for a telehealth weight loss intervention for adults with obesity & Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Location-specific psychosocial and environmental correlates of physical activity and sedentary time in young adolescents: preliminary evidence for location-specific approaches from a cross-sectional observational study.
Academic Article Neurocomputational mechanisms of food and physical activity decision-making in male adolescents.
Academic Article Modifying diet and exercise in multiple sclerosis (MoDEMS): A randomized controlled trial for behavioral weight loss in adults with multiple sclerosis and obesity.

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