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research overview Dr. Miller has developed a line of health services research focused on increasing access to evidence-based sexual and reproductive care for underserved populations. In 2016, Dr. Miller received a K23 Career Development Award that focused on developing and testing a brief intervention for sexually active adolescents in the emergency department. Her team conducted a randomized clinical trial that demonstrated increased sexual health service uptake (e.g., condoms, testing for sexually transmitted infections) for intervention participants compared to control. In a multi-site trial, her team is now engaging specially-trained advanced practice nurses to provide contraceptive counseling and prescribing and referral. Her team successfully built upon their expertise to develop novel interventions to improve access to reproductive care for hospitalized adolescents and women in the community with substance/opioid use disorder. In addition, Dr. Miller serves as an invited member of the NIH Center for Scientific Review Study Special Emphasis Panel, reviewing applications focused on healthcare delivery and methodologies.

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Concept Reproductive Health
Academic Article Providing adolescent sexual health care in the pediatric emergency department: views of health care providers.
Academic Article Implementing motivational interviewing in a pediatric hospital.
Academic Article Brief Behavioral Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health: A Feasibility Study in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about emergency contraception: a survey of female adolescents seeking care in the emergency department.
Academic Article Acceptability of sexual health discussion and testing in the pediatric acute care setting.
Academic Article Sexual health behaviors, preferences for care, and use of health services among adolescents in pediatric emergency departments.
Academic Article Developing emergency department-based education about emergency contraception: adolescent preferences.
Academic Article Accessing General and Sexual Healthcare: Experiences of Urban Youth.
Academic Article Prevalence of 3 sexually transmitted infections in a pediatric emergency department.
Academic Article Factors Associated With Interest in Same-Day Contraception Initiation Among Females in the Pediatric Emergency Department.
Academic Article Physician Adherence to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines for Sexually Active Adolescents in the Pediatric Emergency Setting.
Academic Article Trust in the Medical Profession Among Adolescents in an Emergency Department.
Academic Article Adolescents at Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infection Need More Than the Right Medicine.
Academic Article Development of a Novel Computerized Clinical Decision Support System to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Care Provision.
Grant Enhanced Intervention to Improve Adolescent Outcomes: A Clinical Trial
Academic Article Adolescent Reproductive Health Care: Views and Practices of Pediatric Hospitalists.
Academic Article A Novel Pediatric Emergency Department Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Care.
Academic Article Caring for Hospitalized Adolescents: Opportunities to Identify and Address Unmet Reproductive Health Needs.
Academic Article A Research Agenda for Emergency Medicine-based Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health.
Grant An Emergency Department-Based Study to Reduce Adolescent Pregnancy Rates
Grant Multi-level Emergency Department Intervention to Reduce Pregnancy Risk Among Adolescents
Academic Article Adolescent and Parent Perspectives on Confidentiality After Adolescent Relationship Abuse Disclosure.
Academic Article Brief Motivational Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Service Uptake: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Sexual Health Behaviors and Pregnancy Risk Among Hospitalized Female Adolescents.

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