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research overview Dr. Randell's research and advocacy focus primarily on improving adolescen healthy by promoting healthy adolescent relationships and mitigating the negative impacts adolescent relationship abuse, including reproductive coercion and sexual exploitation. Additionally, her work explores pediatric healthcare-based interventions to address intimate partner violence. In both areas of research, she focuses on a healing-centered engagement approach that empowers survivors. By promoting healthy relationships and mitigating the negative impacts of ARA and childhood IPV exposure, Dr. Randell aims to improve health across the lifespan and to interrupt generational cycles of violence. Current projects include 1) identification of best practices for prevention of violence against women and children during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2) evaluation of a brief intervention to promote healthy adolescent relationships and provide point-of-care harm reduction resources in the emergency department setting.

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Academic Article Educational interventions for intimate partner violence: guidance from survivors.
Academic Article Intimate Partner Violence Programs in a Children's Hospital: Comprehensive Assessment Utilizing a Delphi Instrument.
Academic Article Family Adversity and Resilience Measures in Pediatric Acute Care Settings.
Academic Article Factors Associated With Interest in Same-Day Contraception Initiation Among Females in the Pediatric Emergency Department.
Academic Article Improving Pediatric Education for Emergency Medical Services Providers: A Qualitative Study.
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Academic Article Risk of Intimate Partner Homicide Among Caregivers in an Urban Children's Hospital.
Academic Article Intimate Partner Violence: Identification and Response in Pediatric Health Care Settings.
Academic Article Expert Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence Power and Control in Pediatric Healthcare Settings.
Grant Promoting Healthy Relationships among At-Risk Adolescents: A Feasibility Trial in the Emergency Department
Academic Article Electronic Vapor Product Use and Violence Victimization Among a Nationally Representative Sample of Adolescents.
Academic Article Adolescent and Parent Perspectives on Confidentiality After Adolescent Relationship Abuse Disclosure.
Academic Article Justice System Involvement Among Adolescents in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Intimate Partner Violence and the Pediatric Electronic Health Record: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Sexual Health Behaviors and Pregnancy Risk Among Hospitalized Female Adolescents.
Academic Article Comparative Effectiveness of Parent-Based Interventions to Support Injured Children.
Academic Article Addressing Adolescent Relationship Abuse in the Context of Reproductive Health Care.

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