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research overview Dr. Schurman is a practicing pediatric psychologist with expertise in the areas of both pain management and gastroenterology, having established and co-directed the Children’s Mercy (CM) Abdominal Pain Program (APP) for more than 20 years. She maintains an active clinical research program focused on understanding the interaction of psychosocial, inflammatory, and endocrine factors in the experience of chronic abdominal pain, with emphasis on developing strategies for pain prevention and early intervention that can be rapidly translated back into clinical care. It is noteworthy that the APP, a nationally recognized clinical program, is set up to allow every patient to be a research participant in some fashion, from retrospective reporting on naturalistic outcomes and trajectories of treatment response to prospective randomized clinical trials. This clinical research enterprise has led to a strong research pipeline and track record of publication and presentation, with more than 90 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals and more than 100 presentations at national or international meetings, as well as authoritative chapters on chronic abdominal pain for the Oxford Textbook of Pediatric Pain and the Handbook of Pediatric Psychology. She has been a PI or co-PI for several grant-funded projects. Over the past several years, she has worked on developing a collaborative research program that works to harness the heterogeneity of the population of youth with chronic functional abdominal pain to better understand and match treatment to the unique set of contributors in each clinical patient. This work holds considerable promise to revolutionize clinical practice by demonstrating proof of concept for individualized tailoring of evidence-based treatment packages in pediatric abdominal pain as an exemplar condition. Over the past decade, she has developed parallel expertise/experience in quality improvement methods, harnessing these tools to bring evidence-based pain prevention strategies into the clinical environment for both needle and non-needle procedures. She shares these skills and lessons learned with others within the healthcare field through her peer-reviewed publications and continuing education workshops nationally and internationally. Dr. Schurman served as the 2nd Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, an official journal of the Society of Pediatric Psychology (Division 54 of the American Psychological Association) from 2017-2022. She currently serves as Quality and Service Excellence Champion and Director of Research for the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Nutrition.

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Academic Article Collecting and managing multisource and multimethod data in studies of pediatric populations.
Academic Article Electrogastrography in pediatric functional dyspepsia: relationship to gastric emptying and symptom severity.
Academic Article Antral inflammatory cells, gastric emptying, and electrogastrography in pediatric functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Conceptualization and treatment of chronic abdominal pain in pediatric gastroenterology practice.
Academic Article A pilot study to assess the efficacy of biofeedback-assisted relaxation training as an adjunct treatment for pediatric functional dyspepsia associated with duodenal eosinophilia.
Academic Article Useful biomarkers in pediatric eosinophilic duodenitis and their existence: a case-control, single-blind, observational pilot study.
Academic Article Symptoms and subtypes in pediatric functional dyspepsia: relation to mucosal inflammation and psychological functioning.
Academic Article Volitional and accidental nonadherence to pediatric inflammatory bowel disease treatment plans: initial investigation of associations with quality of life and disease activity.
Academic Article Mast cell activation and clinical outcome in pediatric cholelithiasis and biliary dyskinesia.
Academic Article Abdominal pain and health related quality of life in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Collaboration with medical professionals in clinical practice: pediatric abdominal pain as a case example.
Academic Article Vitamin and mineral supplement adherence in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Eosinophils and mast cells as therapeutic targets in pediatric functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Validation of methods to assess potential biomarkers in pediatric patients with esophageal eosinophilia.
Academic Article Commentary: Putting tools in context: how pediatric psychologists can leverage science to improve clinical care.
Academic Article No guts, no glory: models of integrated care within a GI subspecialty practice.
Academic Article Understanding and treatment of chronic abdominal pain in pediatric primary care.
Academic Article Visceral hypersensitivity and electromechanical dysfunction as therapeutic targets in pediatric functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Present state and future challenges in pediatric abdominal pain therapeutics research: Looking beyond the forest.
Academic Article Therapeutic effect of melatonin on pediatric functional dyspepsia: A pilot study.
Academic Article Prevalence of overlap syndromes and symptoms in pediatric functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Classification of pediatric functional gastrointestinal disorders related to abdominal pain using Rome III vs. Rome IV criterions.
Academic Article Tailoring Individualized Evaluation of Pediatric Abdominal Pain Using Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA): A Pilot Study Testing Feasibility and Acceptability.
Academic Article Mucosal Th17 Cells Are Increased in Pediatric Functional Dyspepsia Associated with Chronic Gastritis.
Academic Article Perceptions of clinical training in biopsychosocial treatment of pediatric functional abdominal pain: A survey of medical students
Academic Article The evolving role of endoscopy in the evaluation of pediatric functional dyspepsia: A review
Academic Article Identifying potential pediatric chronic abdominal pain triggers using ecological momentary assessment
Academic Article A Conceptual Framework for Rescheduling Elective Pediatric Gastroenterology Procedures Following COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown.
Academic Article Leveraging Institutional Support to Build an Integrated Multidisciplinary Care Model in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Academic Article Update on the Role of Allergy in Pediatric Functional Abdominal Pain Disorders: A Clinical Perspective.
Academic Article An Update on the Assessment and Management of Pediatric Abdominal Pain.
Academic Article Healthcare System-to-System Cost Variability in the Care of Pediatric Abdominal Pain-Associated Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders.
Academic Article Pediatric Rome IV diagnosis agreement is greater than agreement on diagnostic testing.
Academic Article Understanding solicitous parenting and pain acceptance in pediatric patients with abdominal pain
Academic Article Establishing a plan to improve pediatric patient comfort during PIV insertions and blood specimen collection: a quality improvement effort.

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