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research overview Dustin Wallace, PhD, is the Director of Behavioral Health for the Rehabilitation for Amplified Pain Syndromes (RAPS) program, an intensive interdisciplinary pain treatment program for youth. His research primarily focuses on behavioral and nonpharmacological treatments for chronic pain in young people, biopsychosocial factors that maintain pain and/or contribute to pain-associated impairment, as well as parenting and family functioning for youth affected by medical conditions.

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Academic Article The "cough trick:" a brief strategy to manage pediatric pain from immunization injections.
Academic Article Multimethod, multi-informant agreement, and positive predictive value in the identification of child anxiety disorders using the SCAS and ADIS-C.
Academic Article Functional disability in adolescents with orthostatic intolerance and chronic pain.
Academic Article Evaluation of the effects of the VibraJect attachment on pain in children receiving local anesthesia.
Academic Article Adolescent acceptance of pain: confirmatory factor analysis and further validation of the chronic pain acceptance questionnaire, adolescent version.
Academic Article Covert video monitoring in the assessment of medically unexplained symptoms in children.
Academic Article Use of audio cuing to expand employment opportunities for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities.
Academic Article Evaluation of a behavioral treatment package to reduce sleep problems in children with Angelman Syndrome.
Academic Article Use of video eyewear to manage distress in children during restorative dental treatment.
Academic Article Acceptance of pain: associations with depression, catastrophizing, and functional disability among children and adolescents in an interdisciplinary chronic pain rehabilitation program.
Academic Article Effectiveness of using noncontingent escape for general behavior management in a pediatric dental clinic.
Academic Article Amplified pain syndromes in children: treatment and new insights into disease pathogenesis.
Academic Article The role of parent psychological flexibility in relation to adolescent chronic pain: further instrument development.
Academic Article Parent Attitudes Toward Pain Management for Childhood Immunizations.
Academic Article Adaptation of the State-Trait Inventory for Cognitive and Somatic Anxiety for Use in Children: A Preliminary Analysis.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Pain Characteristics, Peer Difficulties, and Emotional Functioning Among Adolescents Seeking Treatment for Chronic Pain: A Test of Mediational Models.
Academic Article Parent Responses to Child Pain During Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment and 1-Year Follow-Up.
Academic Article Neuropsychological Functioning of Youth Receiving Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment.
Academic Article Parent psychological flexibility in the context of pediatric pain: Brief assessment and associations with parent behaviour and child functioning.
Academic Article Parental Perceptions of Pediatric Pain and POTS-Related Disability.
Academic Article Promoting psychological flexibility in parents of adolescents with chronic pain: Pilot study of an 8-week group intervention
Academic Article Parenting behaviors and childhood anxiety: A psychometric investigation of the EMBU-C
Academic Article Use of video modeling to teach vocational skills to adolescents and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Academic Article Comparing Three Music Therapy Interventions for Anxiety and Relaxation in Youth With Amplified Pain.
Academic Article Broadening the scope of paediatric intensive interdisciplinary pain treatment to promote future resilience and psychological flexibility.
Academic Article Replicating a therapeutic art group protocol for parents of youth with chronic pain
Academic Article Pediatric Pain Letter
Academic Article Development and Validation of the Scale for Pain Self-Efficacy (SPaSE) in German and English Languages for Children and Adolescents.
Academic Article Diagnosis Does Not Automatically Remove Stigma for Young People with Invisible Illness.
Academic Article Psychosocial Functioning of Parents of Youth Receiving Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment.

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