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Academic Article Vape Shop Density and Socio-Demographic Disparities: A US Census Tract Analysis.
Academic Article The effects of assurances of voluntary compliance on retail sales to minors in the United States: 2015-2016.
Academic Article Electronic Cigarettes and Future Marijuana Use: A Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article Autonomous regulation and locus of control as predictors of antiretroviral medication adherence.
Academic Article Patient communication tools to enhance ART adherence counseling in low and high resource settings.
Academic Article African American smokers' intention to use pharmacotherapy for cessation.
Academic Article Do coping styles mediate the relationship between substance use and educational attainment and antiretroviral adherence?
Academic Article Motivational Interviewing for encouraging quit attempts among unmotivated smokers: study protocol of a randomized, controlled, efficacy trial.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial examining the efficacy of motivational counseling with observed therapy for antiretroviral therapy adherence.
Academic Article A qualitative assessment of provider perspectives on smoking cessation counselling.
Academic Article The relationship between ART adherence and smoking status among HIV+ individuals.
Academic Article Participation of African Americans in a smoking cessation trial: a quantitative and qualitative study.
Academic Article Sustained-release bupropion for smoking cessation in African Americans: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Depressive symptoms and smoking cessation among inner-city African Americans using the nicotine patch.
Academic Article Successful recruitment of minorities into clinical trials: The Kick It at Swope project.
Academic Article Does menthol attenuate the effect of bupropion among African American smokers?
Academic Article Predicting adoption of home smoking restriction by inner-city black smokers.
Academic Article Use of a brief Smoking Consequences Questionnaire for Adults (SCQ-A) in African American smokers.
Academic Article Predictors of smoking cessation among African-Americans enrolled in a randomized controlled trial of bupropion.
Academic Article Gender, smoking expectancies, and readiness to quit among urban African American smokers.
Academic Article Factors associated with BMI, weight perceptions and trying to lose weight in African-American smokers.
Academic Article Religiosity, social support, and smoking cessation among urban African American smokers.
Academic Article Stress and quitting among African American smokers.
Academic Article Self-efficacy and motivation to quit during participation in a smoking cessation program.
Academic Article The influence of depressive symptoms on smoking cessation among African Americans in a randomized trial of bupropion.
Academic Article Dual pharmacotherapy and motivational interviewing for tobacco dependence among drug treatment patients.
Academic Article Pathways to health: a cluster randomized trial of nicotine gum and motivational interviewing for smoking cessation in low-income housing.
Academic Article Using motivational interviewing with smokers: do therapist behaviors relate to engagement and therapeutic alliance?
Academic Article Patterns of smoking and methadone dose in drug treatment patients.
Academic Article Sleep and the affective response to stress and pain.
Academic Article Using basic laboratory research to understand scheduled smoking: a field investigation of the effects of manipulating controllability on subjective responses to smoking.
Academic Article Examination of a brief Smoking Consequences Questionnaire for college students.
Academic Article The role of depression and negative affect regulation expectancies in tobacco smoking among college students.
Academic Article Timeline follow-back versus global self-reports of tobacco smoking: a comparison of findings with nondaily smokers.
Academic Article Strategies to recruit and retain college smokers in cessation trials.
Academic Article Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation in college students: a group randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Analysis of smoking patterns and contexts among college student smokers.
Academic Article A comparison of autonomous regulation and negative self-evaluative emotions as predictors of smoking behavior change among college students.
Academic Article Change in self-efficacy, autonomous and controlled motivation predicting smoking.
Academic Article Motivational interviewing in dental hygiene education: curriculum modification and evaluation.
Academic Article Improving understanding of the quitting process: psychological predictors of quit attempts versus smoking cessation maintenance among college students.
Academic Article Design and participant characteristics of a randomized-controlled trial of telemedicine for smoking cessation among rural smokers.
Academic Article Health risk perceptions predict smoking-related outcomes in Greek college students.
Academic Article Comparative and cost effectiveness of telemedicine versus telephone counseling for smoking cessation.
Academic Article Dental Hygienists' Experiences with Motivational Interviewing: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article A pilot study to improve adherence among MS patients who discontinue treatment against medical advice.
Academic Article Exploring the Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS) as a possible measure of nicotine dependence.
Academic Article Being Kind to Your Future Self: Probability Discounting of Health Decision-Making.
Academic Article A Randomized Trial of Motivational Interviewing: Cessation Induction Among Smokers With Low Desire to Quit.
Academic Article Recruiting unmotivated smokers into a smoking induction trial.
Academic Article Motivational interviewing and the decisional balance procedure for cessation induction in smokers not intending to quit.
Academic Article Implicit Attitudes and Smoking Behavior in a Smoking Cessation Induction Trial.
Academic Article Using EP50 to forecast treatment adherence in individuals with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Executive function fails to predict smoking outcomes in a clinical trial to motivate smokers to quit.
Academic Article Changing the default for tobacco-cessation treatment in an inpatient setting: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Cognitive complexity of clients and counsellors during motivation-based treatment for smoking cessation: an observational study on occasional smokers in a US college sample.
Academic Article Baseline predictors of DMT reinitiation among patients with multiple sclerosis following an MI-CBT intervention.
Academic Article Identifying health conditions, priorities, and relevant multilevel health promotion intervention strategies in African American churches: A faith community health needs assessment.
Academic Article On how patients with multiple sclerosis weigh side effect severity and treatment efficacy when making treatment decisions.
Academic Article Two brief valid measures of therapeutic alliance in counseling for tobacco dependence.
Academic Article Discontinuing Treatment Against Medical Advice: The Role of Perceived Autonomy Support From Providers in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article How patients with multiple sclerosis weigh treatment risks and benefits.
Academic Article Effectiveness of motivational interviewing, health education and brief advice in a population of smokers who are not ready to quit.
Academic Article Feasibility and Outcomes of an HIV Testing Intervention in African American Churches.
Academic Article Probability discounting of treatment decisions in multiple sclerosis: associations with disease knowledge, neuropsychiatric status, and adherence.
Academic Article Coding Client Language in Motivational Interviewing for HIV Medication Adherence Using Self-Determination Theory.
Academic Article Developing and Testing a Personalized, Evidence-Based, Shared Decision-Making Tool for Stent Selection in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Using a Pre-Post Study Design.
Academic Article Reasons for nonadherence and response to treatment in an adherence intervention trial for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients.
Academic Article Identifying pathways to quitting smoking via telemedicine-delivered care.
Grant African Americans in Health Science Research: A University, Community, and Faith-
Academic Article Race moderates the effects of Motivational Interviewing on smoking cessation induction.
Grant Can Motivational Interviewing be Effective for Smoking Cessation?
Grant Role of controllability in scheduled smoking reduction
Grant Smoking cessation in college fraternities and sororities
Grant Changing the Default for Tobacco Treatment
Grant Telemedicine for Smoking Cessation in Rural Primary Care
Grant Effects of the FDA Compliance Inspections of Tobacco Retailers on Youth E-cigarette and Cigar Use: A National Study
Grant Developing and Testing a Personalized, Evidence-Based, Shared Decision-Making Tool for Stent Selection in PCI
Academic Article Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for low and middle-income countries: protocol for a cluster randomised trial to evaluate 'Lifestyle Africa'.
Academic Article Motivational Interviewing to Encourage Quit Attempts Among Smokers Not Ready to Quit: A Trial-Based Economic Analysis.
Academic Article Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for low- and middle-income countries: preliminary implementation findings from lifestyle Africa.
Academic Article Mechanisms of Motivational Interviewing for Antiretroviral Medication Adherence in People with HIV.
Academic Article Opioid Use to Treat Migraine Headaches in Hospitalized Children and Adolescents.
Academic Article A Multilevel Diabetes and CVD Risk Reduction Intervention in African American Churches: Project Faith Influencing Transformation (FIT) Feasibility and Outcomes.
Academic Article Feasibility and Acceptability of a Culturally- and Linguistically-Adapted Smoking Cessation Text Messaging Intervention for Latino Smokers.
Academic Article Youth Knowledge of Tobacco 21 and its Association With Intention to Use Tobacco.
Academic Article Trial-by-Trial Fluctuations in Brain Responses to Stress Predict Subsequent Smoking Decisions That Occur Several Seconds Later.
Academic Article Retail violations of sales to minors on e-cigarettes and cigars.
Academic Article Fidelity of motivational interviewing training for dental hygiene students.
Academic Article Dec?detexto: Mobile cessation support for Latino smokers. Study protocol for a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Trends in Incidence of Nicotine Use Disorder Among Adolescents in the Pediatric Hospital, 2012-2019.
Academic Article Barriers to Tobacco Cessation for Caregivers of Hospitalized Children: Perspectives of Pediatric Hospitalists.
Academic Article Changes in opioid prescriptions for Medicaid-enrolled children and young adults, 2012-2016.
Academic Article Differential mechanisms of change in motivational interviewing versus health education for smoking cessation induction.
Academic Article Rural-Urban Differences in Changes and Effects of Tobacco 21 in Youth E-cigarette Use.
Academic Article Stress, Depression and Quit Attempt Outcomes among Unmotivated Smokers.
Academic Article Brief Motivational Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Service Uptake: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Trends in Adolescent Cannabis-Related Hospitalizations by State Legalization Laws, 2008-2019.
Academic Article Feasibility and Effectiveness of Recruiting Latinos in Dec?detexto-A Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial from an Emergency Department Patient Registry.
Academic Article Shared Decision Making in Health Care: Theoretical Perspectives for Why It Works and For Whom.
Academic Article Evaluation of an adapted version of the Diabetes Prevention Program for low- and middle-income countries: A cluster randomized trial to evaluate "Lifestyle Africa" in South Africa.
Academic Article Use of pre-enrollment randomization and delayed consent to maximize participation in a clinical trial of opt-in versus opt-out tobacco treatment.
Academic Article Effectiveness of Recruitment Strategies of Latino Smokers: Secondary Analysis of a Mobile Health Smoking Cessation Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article COVID-19 Testing in African American Churches Using a Faith-Health- Academic Partnership.
Academic Article The Effects of Opt-out vs Opt-in Tobacco Treatment on Engagement, Cessation, and Costs: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of Lifestyle Africa: an adaptation of the diabetes prevention programme for delivery by community health workers in urban South Africa.

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