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research overview Much of the research conducted by the Division of Nephrology at Children’s Mercy centers on the care of children with impaired kidney function. In turn, Dr. Bradley Warady’s research focus is on issues pertaining to the management of children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD). Dr. Warady currently serves as one of the Principal Investigators of the NIH funded, multicenter Chronic Kidney Disease in Children (CKiD) observational cohort study, an initiative that is designed to investigate factors that influence CKD progression, as well as the impact of CKD on cardiovascular disease risk factors, growth and neurocognitive development/behavior. He is also one of the lead faculty of the Standardizing Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric ESRD (SCOPE) collaborative, a multicenter quality transformation effort with the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) whose primary aim is to minimize infection related complications in pediatric dialysis patients. Dr. Warady’s industry funded research addresses management of anemia, CKD-mineral bone disorder and electrolyte imbalance in CKD and dialysis patients.

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Concept Patient Care Bundles
Academic Article Use of the multipurpose drainage catheter for the provision of acute peritoneal dialysis in infants and children.
Academic Article Hypertension in the neonatal period.
Academic Article Nutritional and behavioural aspects of nasogastric tube feeding in infants receiving chronic peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Aminoglycoside ototoxicity in pediatric patients receiving long-term peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Peritoneal dialysis catheter exit-site care: results of an international survey.
Academic Article Systemic hypertension in infants with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia: associated clinical factors.
Academic Article The impact of exit-site care and catheter design on the incidence of catheter-related infections.
Academic Article Circulating factor associated with increased glomerular permeability to albumin in recurrent focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.
Academic Article Renal structural-functional relationships in early diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Neonatal outcome in pregnancies associated with renal replacement therapy.
Academic Article The impact of the Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative Guidelines on the care of the pediatric end-stage renal disease patient.
Academic Article Optimal care of the pediatric end-stage renal disease patient on dialysis.
Academic Article Successful cadaveric renal transplantation of patients highly sensitized to HLA Class I antigens.
Academic Article Pediatric peritoneal dialysis training: characteristics and impact on peritonitis rates.
Academic Article Adolescent hemodialysis: results of the 2000 ESRD Clinical Performance Measures Project.
Academic Article Glomerular permeability activity: prevalence and prognostic value in pediatric patients with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome.
Academic Article Epidemiology of pediatric chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Impact of specialization of primary nephrologist on the care of pediatric hemodialysis patients.
Academic Article Comparison of single-pool and equilibrated Kt/V values for pediatric hemodialysis prescription management: analysis from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Clinical Performance Measures Project.
Academic Article Frequent hemodialysis in children.
Academic Article Measuring health-related quality of life in children with ESRD: performance of the generic and ESRD-specific instrument of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL).
Academic Article Validation of creatinine assays utilizing HPLC and IDMS traceable standards in sera of children.
Academic Article Peritoneal dialysis prescription in children: bedside principles for optimal practice.
Academic Article The transition of pediatric to adult-centered health care.
Academic Article Longitudinal formulas to estimate GFR in children with CKD.
Academic Article Universal GFR determination based on two time points during plasma iohexol disappearance.
Academic Article Defining left ventricular hypertrophy in children on peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Improved equations estimating GFR in children with chronic kidney disease using an immunonephelometric determination of cystatin C.
Academic Article Disordered FGF23 and mineral metabolism in children with CKD.
Academic Article Pediatric kidney disease: tracking onset and improving clinical outcomes.
Academic Article Optimal care of the infant, child, and adolescent on dialysis: 2014 update.
Academic Article Design of the standardizing care to improve outcomes in pediatric end stage renal disease collaborative.
Academic Article Risk factors for loss of residual renal function in children treated with chronic peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Outcome of Patients Initiating Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis During the First Year of Life.
Academic Article Can office blood pressure readings predict masked hypertension?
Academic Article Health Literacy Impact on National Healthcare Utilization and Expenditure.
Academic Article Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, and Allograft Function in Children and Young Adults After Kidney Transplantation.
Academic Article Implementation of standardized follow-up care significantly reduces peritonitis in children on chronic peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Risk Factors for and Outcomes of Catheter-Associated Peritonitis in Children: The SCOPE Collaborative.
Academic Article Racial differences in renal replacement therapy initiation among children with a nonglomerular cause of chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Controversy About Dialysis for an Adolescent.
Academic Article Contribution of symmetric dimethylarginine to GFR decline in pediatric chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Care of the Pediatric Patient on Chronic Dialysis.
Academic Article Fungal peritonitis in the Standardizing Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric End Stage Renal Disease (SCOPE) Collaborative.
Academic Article Exit site and tunnel infections in children on chronic peritoneal dialysis: findings from the Standardizing Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric End Stage Renal Disease (SCOPE) Collaborative.
Academic Article Parents Refusing Dialysis for a 3-Month-Old With Renal Failure.
Academic Article In Reply to 'The Use of Estimated GFR-Based Staging in Children With CKD: Proceed With Care'.
Grant Chronic Kidney Disease in Children (CKiD IV)
Academic Article Factors associated with high-cost hospitalization for peritonitis in children receiving chronic peritoneal dialysis in the United States.
Academic Article Ethical and Policy Considerations for Genomic Testing in Pediatric Research: The Path Toward Disclosing Individual Research Results.
Academic Article Higher eGFR at Dialysis Initiation Is Not Associated with a Survival Benefit in Children.
Academic Article Safety of Laparoscopic Gastrostomy in Children Receiving Peritoneal Dialysis.
Academic Article Tunneled hemodialysis catheter care practices and blood stream infection rate in children: results from the SCOPE collaborative.
Academic Article Recalibration of cystatin C using standardized material in Siemens nephelometers.
Academic Article Prescribing peritoneal dialysis for high-quality care in children.
Academic Article International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis practice recommendations: Prescribing high-quality goal-directed peritoneal dialysis.
Academic Article Prognostic Value of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Load in Pediatric CKD.
Academic Article Consensus recommendations for the care of children receiving chronic dialysis in association with the COVID-19 epidemic.
Academic Article Developing Consensus-Based Outcome Domains for Trials in Children and Adolescents With CKD: An International Delphi Survey.

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