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Academic Article Development of biomarkers to optimize pediatric patient management: what makes children different?
Academic Article Detecting gene expression in buccal mucosa in subjects with asthma versus subjects without asthma.
Academic Article Interpretation of food specific immunoglobulin E levels in the context of total IgE.
Academic Article Personalized medicine: a pediatric perspective.
Academic Article Histamine: new thoughts about a familiar mediator.
Academic Article The impact of pharmacogenetics in the treatment of allergic disease and asthma.
Academic Article Linkage and Genetic Association in Severe Asthma.
Academic Article Understanding the biology of disease in underserved children with asthma: The missing piece of the health disparity puzzle.
Academic Article Closing the gap: Understanding African American asthma knowledge and beliefs.
Grant Characterization of the Role of Histamine in Children with Asthma
Academic Article The Impact of Environmental Chronic and Toxic Stress on Asthma.
Academic Article Chronic stress exposure among young African American children with asthma: Racism is a factor.
Academic Article Pediatric Clinical Endpoint and Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers: Limitations and Opportunities.
Academic Article Increasing Resident Racial and Ethnic Diversity through Targeted Recruitment Efforts.
Academic Article We continue to fail black children with asthma and allergic disease.
Grant A Histamine Pharmacodynamic Biomarker to Guide Treatment in Pediatric Asthma
Grant SPeCTRE 2.0: The Sunflower Pediatric Clinical Trials Research Extension
Academic Article The safety of asthma medications during pregnancy and lactation: Clinical management and research priorities.
Academic Article Promoting Culture Change Within Organizations.
Academic Article "Redlining" to "Hot Spots": The Impacts of a Continued Legacy of Structural and Institutional Racism and Bias on Asthma in Children.
Academic Article The Role of Social Determinants of Health in the Use of Telemedicine for Asthma in Children.
Academic Article Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Decade of Progress?
Academic Article Reducing Health Disparities in Asthma: How Can Progress Be Made.
Academic Article The chicken or the egg: The role of IL-6 in pediatric obese and allergen-exposed asthma.
Grant National Career Development Program for Researchers in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology
Academic Article Hearing the Unheard: Voices of Black Emerging Adults With Uncontrolled Asthma.

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